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Create websites from A-Z

"Create websites with Xara Web Designer - the official MAGIX Academy textbook" makes it easy to create your own websites and is the perfect book for Xara Web Designer software - including the Premium version.

In this textbook an experienced team of authors will show you how to design your own website quickly and easily, step by step, without any complicated programming or previous knowledge. The versatile templates allow you to customize and adjust any web design according to your needs or start from scratch with a blank page.
The clear structure will help you transform your initial design into a finished website in no time at all. This book serves as a how-to manual for all the important questions regarding design, optimization and publishing a finished website, it provides useful tips, explains complicated terminology and shows beginners and advanced users alike the quickest way to create a web presence.

Read the official MAGIX Academy textbook and learn to design your own websites!