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MAGIX Sequoia 11

MAGIX Sequoia 11 supports the EuCon protocol   Interface with Euphonix Pro consoles

MAGIX AG is thrilled to announce that its high-end digital audio workstation Sequoia 11now supports the EuCon™ protocol, which allows consoles and controllers from the Professional Series manufactured by Euphonix to be seamlessly integrated into the workflow. Euphonix has been a leading provider of studio mixing consoles and hardware controllers for over 20 years.

The EuCon high-speed ethernet protocol lets the user control Sequoia using Euphonix Pro products such as MC Pro and System 5-MC controllers, as well as S5 Fusion and System 5 Digital Audio Mixing System. EuCon offers high speed and top resolution for fader, pan slider and plug-in control, as well as direct access to much-used software functions via programmable keys on Euphonix controller interfaces. For many years, Sequoia has been the universal production application used by leading broadcast and mastering studios worldwide, including German public broadcasters WDR, MDR, and SWR, the Vienna Symphonic Library, and Sterling Sound in New York. The scope of functions offered by Sequoia makes it the perfect choice for any type of media production. Sequoia offers comprehensive editing options for everyday production, making it an ideal tool for home and project studios, sound engineers, music produces, radio journalists as well as big professional studios.

"We are happy to offer our Sequoia customers complete integration of Euphonix Pro consoles, a move which helps us meet the requirements of a growing professional market and additionally opens the option of using Sequoia, with its superior editing functions, to existing Euphonix customers," says Jürgen Jaron, MAGIX AG CEO.

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