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Videos & Tutorials

Note: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 is a follow-up version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 2013. Some videos still feature the previous version's screen, however the shown functions remain unchanged in the new version.

1 Introduction

Introduction Part 1

Use the free-hand tool to draw lines and shapes, With the range of tools on offer you can turn and move objects quickly and easily.
Overlay elements effortlessly in the foreground or background.

Introduction Part 2

You can changes elements with the selection tool.
Insert colors and fill either the object or its content edge. The color editor offers you yet more possibilities.

Introduction Part 3

Create gradients of one or more colors. Skillfully define transparency levels e.g. to simulate reflections. By simply using the drag and drop function on the user interface you can import and edit. clipart and photos.

2 Photo editing

Load photos

This video shows you fundamental photo editing techniques using the photo tool. Optimize the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness of your originals, either manually or automatically.

Crop photos

Learn to how insert photos, how to resize, how to crop, how to make the object circular or add shade, all with the photo tool When you're done learn how to export your creations in the desired format.

Intelligent scaling

Resize your images afresh to change the format (for example, from portrait to landscape). Keep the important parts of the image to avoid it becoming distorted.

3 Text editing

Text tool, manipulation

Insert text, align it according to the object or make it appear as a wavy line if you like. As ever you can change the font, font size, text, color and text alignment using the drag and drop tool.

Working with text columns

Design text in columns and custom define column width.
Change the angle or placement of the text using the selection tool.
You can manipulate the text flow with minimal effort when inserting several text columns.

Working with tabs

With the help of the ruler you can insert tabs, you can also move tabs that have already been set and even delete tabs that are no longer of any use. Using tabs you can also change the alignment of a text i.e left, right, or centered.

Adjust text edges

The ruler helps you to change the column width and to adjust the text edges.
You can thereby move the left and right margins separately or indent parts of the text.

Repel text ("Fluid" Text)

The "repel text under" function allows you to make text fly to selected objects in seconds.

Multi-page documents

In a few clicks you can create a multi-page document, for example, for brochures and newsletters. You can always add new pages, re-sort existing pages and delete unnecessary pages.

4 Image processing

Fill tool

You can apply to the fill tool to objects. In this video learn how to use linear, circular, elliptical or fractal fillings on one or more objects simultaneously.

Transparency Tool

Learn to add transparency to objects. Transparency levels are available as an entire surface, as a history or as a repeatable pattern. They can also be copied and applied as attributes to other shapes. (Control + Shift + A)

The Shadow Tool

The shadow tool realistically adds soft shadows behind shapes. Learn about different types of shadows and quickly customize them yourself.

The Bevel Tool

The Bevel Tool enables you to manipulate object edges in a many different ways.
Learn how to choose between different types of edges, how to adjust the width or match the entrance angle.

Blend Tool

With the blend tool, you can fade between two objects. Learn how to adjust  the number of transitions, the colors and other attributes in this video.

The Contour Tool

With the Contour Tool you can apply, remove and manipulate contours.
Design successful relief maps and add interesting effects to letters and text blocks.

Mould Tool

The Mould Tool can be used to change the shape of selected objects.
Learn to adjust deformations individually and how to use predefined templates.

The Live Effect Tool

Live effects are bitmap effects that can be used on any objects.
This video will show you how to quickly apply many different effects to vector and bitmap graphics.

3D Tool

Learn how simple it is to create high-quality 3D graphics with the 3D Vector Extrusion Tool, in just a few clicks add edge effects or adjust the lighting of your 3D object.

5 Line and shape tools

Pen Tool

Learn useful tips for drawing lines with the Pencil tool. From lines and curves to closed shapes which can be adjusted with points.

The Curve Tool

With the Shape Editor Tool design curves, add line segments or open up shapes. Delete, amend, taper and even round points off.

Freehand Tool

Draw lines freehand with the Freehand Tool and get rid of unwanted sections in an instant with the shift button. The cleanness and smoothness of your line is displayed and can be adjusted accurately afterwards.


Draw rectangles by simply clicking and dragging using the control key.
The shapes can be subsequently edited with the starting points.


Circles are as easy to draw as rectangles. Simply drag and drop to create an ellipse, if you hold down the control key you can draw a symmetrical circle.


Symmetrical, multi-sided shapes like stars and octagons can be drawn with the Quick Shape tool. Enter your desired number of vertices, round them off and change your shapes as desired.

6 Tips and tricks

Convert shapes into graphics

Learn how to easily convert images into adaptable vector shapes and then adjust them manually. In this way shapes can be used,to create logos from photos for example.


You can quickly and easily soften hard edges to create smooth transitions between objects. This is a convenient function which can be used effectively in almost all conditions.

Colour Sampling Tool

Use the Colour Sampling Tool's pipette to make the exact colour you want, preview your object with this or any other color combination.

Optimized presentation

Using the program you can set the display quality of the photos and graphs. Everything is possible, from full presentation with edge smoothing effect, to images with jaggies, and even pure contour images.

Apply ClipView

You can even use the tools to look through the shapes as if you were looking through a key hole. Use the "Clip-view function", as shown in the video, to place and move objects inside other objects.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10

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Xara Web Designer 10 Premium

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