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Supported devices

Supported devices

It doesn't matter if you use a GoPro, Panasonic, Sony or other action cam, Fastcut supports import from nearly all standard devices – including smartphones, tablets and AVCHD camcorders.

Simply drag recordings from your SD card or via USB cable to Fastcut and start working on your latest video.


Cameras & action cams: GoPro, Sony, Panasonic, Rollei, Olympus, and others

Smartphones: Export for Apple iPhone, Android and Windows smartphones

Tablets: Export for Apple iPad and Android tablets

Extremely fast video editing

Extremely fast video editing

With its new, intuitive user interface, Fastcut can support devices with high-resolution touch and 2-in-1 displays.

With touch and swipe gestures, the program is even easier to use. This makes transforming your footage into finished videos quicker than ever.

Amazing editing templates

Fastcut offers diverse editing templates which allow you to automatically cut your footage to fit music. Each template comes with a great song.

A range of exclusive templates also contain spectacular effects like slow motion & time lapse.

Filter for templates

Fastcut now contains a range of filter options to help you find the best editing template for your video.

This guarantees you'll find the right template – whether the style of your video is adrenaline-loaded or relaxed.

Your music. Your templates.

Create your video’s soundtrack with the song of the summer. Fastcut lets you create videos using your own favorite music tracks.

This ensures that your films will always bring out the right feelings and emotions you intended.

Customized templates

Specify the number and frequency of cuts in your video. With custom editing templates, you have more freedom for designing videos so that they reflect your own personal style.

Create a template exactly the way you want!

Goodbye fisheye

Most action cams take wide-angle shots, which can lead to images being optically distorted.

Fastcut lets you easily correct this effect, which is known as fisheye.

Automatic image optimization

Extreme lighting conditions and intense colors can easily be corrected by automatically optimizing color, brightness and contrast.

Mercalli V2 image stabilization

proDAD Mercalli V2 technology in Fastcut lets you fix unusable footage.

Even shaky and unstable footage can be corrected to run smoothly – making one less challenge.

Video alignment correction

Record videos in the craziest perspectives – Fastcut can rotate your footage to make sure everything is properly aligned.

Attaching a camera to your skateboard, mountain bike or under your car is no problem at all.

Hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding
Hardware-accelerated H.264 decoding

H.264 hardware acceleration decoding reduces CPU load to enable faster video editing.

This also improves your editing workflow.

Proxy video editing
Proxy video editing

The proxy editing feature uses the proxy files from your GoPro for editing 4K & HD video files.

This allows you to smoothly edit your footage – and when you're finished, you can enjoy every detail in high resolution.

Quick trimming
Quick trimming

To help you get things done faster, you can choose between three options in manual editing mode: "Trim clip start", "Cut clip" and "Trim clip end".

Each option can be accessed with a shortcut.

Cool effects & filters

Video effects

Set your adventure in black & white or vintage look, and apply tons of other effects.

Tracking shots, zooms, mirroring, looks and other impressive effects can be easily applied to sections of the video with drag & drop.

Backlight correction

HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects provide the right contrast in the image composition during video editing.

The correction tool lets you optimize exposure, lighting and fix elements the way you want.

Slow motion

Fastcut can even slow things down during important moments. Make your films look even more impressive with slow motion effects.

Even extremely slow motion footage will play smoothly.

Dynamic transitions

To breathe new life into your footage, you can actively design transitions between slow and fast motion recordings.

Fastcut also offers a wide selection of dynamic transitions.

The soundtrack to your life

Epic, dramatic or simply fantastic?

Fastcut offers the right music for every mood in your video material.

The songs come in lengths of 30 to 180 seconds and fit perfectly with the video editing templates.

The right volume every time
The right volume every time

Easily adjust your video's volume using the program.

This way, everything not only looks great, but sounds great too.

Reduce wind noise

Whether you're seaside or up high in the air, wind and other forms of noise are unavoidable when filming outdoors.

Fastcut contains a range of audio filters that can edit out noise distractions in your footage.

Share with the world

Universal export formats

You can also easily save your finished videos in up to 4K resolution on your computer – all you have to do is choose one of the many export formats.

Direct upload to YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook

When you're finished, you can upload your video from Fastcut directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. Your videos have never made it online this quickly before.

Direct output to mobile devices

Save your videos to mobile devices such as your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, tablets like the Samsung GALAXY Tab, and all Android smartphones.