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Make Website Design Simple

Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, the steps to make website graphics and layouts that are both functional and attractive are normally pretty elusive.

With MAGIX’s Website Maker though, the big problems are already solved. There are no reasons to stress over learning everything about website programming when this user-friendly software can guide you through the entire simplified process. Additionally, it provides you with various options of how involved you would like to be while you create website graphics and functions that will impress any visitor.

MAGIX software is programmed to keep the process as efficient as possible, so it uses the “What You See Is What You Get” (shortened to WYSIWYG) method. In this drag-and-drop interface, you will be able to see exactly what you page looks like while building it.

This software didn’t win awards for nothing; it stands out with its flexibility and simultaneous usability. You can use the advanced Flash® technology, as every aspect of this software, with freedom of choice. There are hundreds of Flash® templates to choose from, ensuring that if you decide to use one, it will not be replicated endlessly over the Internet. Each one is unique enough to allow your website to stand out. Additionally, with a guarantee of free, continuous updates, you will stay ahead of the curve without the need to research the latest website trends and styles. It is all provided for you.

Website Maker Screen

Make Website Design More Personalized

The design archive will also be useful in giving your web page the contemporary individuality that makes a site great. With an endless selection of animation, images, fonts, frames, headers and other detailed components, you will be able to showcase your own personality or give your website a character of its own. Use these objects to frame and accentuate your photo editing, 3d design work, or any other impressive personal project.

Xara Web Designer 11

Xara Web Designer 11

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