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All Features in
Audio Cleaner Pro

Recording functions

Digitization of analog media

Enjoy old songs from records and tapes on your MP3 player, smartphone or CD. With just a few clicks you can record individual songs or entire albums and digitize, edit and optimize your favorite music on analog storage media using the professional audio tools!

Completed faster - with Turbo Tape

Turbo Tape makes it easy to digitalize your cassette recordings fast. Digitalization takes place at double-speed but the recordings are in normal time and can be optimized and enhanced with the audio tools in the program.

Your own speech recordings

Easily create high-quality voice recordings for your podcasts, memos, video commentary, etc. You can also edit, optimize and remove noise from music and live recordings to get the absolute most from your audio!

Tools for audio editing

Reverb, echo, delay

Reverb, echo, delay

Enhance your complete recording with depth and space by using reverb, echo and delay effects. The results will amaze you - your old recordings will sound better than ever!

Title information

Easily edit and automatically complete title information for individual songs.

Track Agent

The integrated Track Agent helps you to divide long recordings into separate tracks.


Create, cut and edit professional recordings.

Object effects

Object effects

With the so-called object effects you can edit individual sections of a recording with different effects and settings.

Additional effects & EQs

10-Band Equalizer, Parametric EQ, Brilliance Enhancer, DeNoiser, Vinyl Support and more.

Remove noises

Over 250 presets

  • Remove hissing, humming, clicking, scratching and popping
  • Effectively remove rain and wind noise
  • Get rid of annoying PC fan noise, mobile phone interference and camera noise
  • Reduce noise from planes, trains, traffic and much more

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Direct Spectral Cleaning

Simply highlight any audio noise using the mouse and one click later you're done - audio editing doesn't get any easier! The spectrum display shows the frequencies of the audio track. This makes it easy to immediately detect and remove audio errors. Direct spectral cleaning is intuitive and completely user-friendly thanks to full stereo editing and precise visualization.

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Automatic or step-by-step

Remove audible noise from your audio material either automatically or step by step. Customized cleaning and step-by-step modes simplify precise editing and the full automatic cleaning mode as well as the step-by-step mode are perfect for quick and easy sound cleaning.

Import, export & convert



More than just an audio converter - easily create your own recordings and adjust any audio material to fit your specific requirements. Import, export, convert and edit all standard formats: WAV, MP3, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, M4A