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The right application

We like online applications

Please only apply online. This allows us to design the application process in a more efficient way.

Please enter the position you are applying for as the email subject.

Keep it compact

Please do not attach files larger than 3 MB. You can write your cover letter in the email itself or attach it to the email as a separate document. Please submit your CV and other relevant documents (certificate and photograph) as a PDF or DOC file.

We are particularly interested in information that is relevant to the position. You do not need to prove every qualification with a certificate. Relevant certificates will be requested accordingly.

Clear layout

Aside from the cover letter, the most important document is your CV. We ask for CVs listed in tabular form, this makes it easier for us to find the relevant information quickly. The better you present your application, the higher your chance of getting the job.


Copies of certificates and files should be scanned properly so they are easy to read.


Examples of work are particularly important for technical, design, creative or editorial job candidates. If available please send us any of your videos, graphics, texts or web applications using a link or as an attachment.


Many find it hard but it is important for us: include the earliest possible start date and state what you expected to be paid (if mentioned in the job description).