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Sequoia used for first commercial recording using only digital microphones

Bands like the Beatles or Pink Floyd have recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, and on July 16th and 17th, 2008, the first commercial recording using all digital microphones was made. The London Symphony Orchestra played works from Hungarian composer Béla Viktor János Bartók and German composer Johannes Brahms. The recordings were made using two parallel-running Sequoia workstations.

Sound engineer Wolf-Dieter Karwatky from the BKL Recording Group planned the recording session for about a year. "After a conversation with Gregor Zielinsky, artist relations manager from Sennheiser, the idea occurred about two months before the recording session to do the recordings using the newest digital microphones from Sennheiser and Neumann. After discussing this with producer Michael Fine and Abbey Road Studios, the decision was final."

A total of 30 digital microphones were used for Bartok; Brahms required slightly fewer. RME DMC842s were used as preamplifiers, and their outputs were recorded via MADI directly in Sequoia", notes Karwatky.

The BKL Recording Group decided quite a while in advance to use Sequoia as the recording medium, and the program was then acquired by Grammy award-winning producer Michael Fine. Karwatky adds: "The decision to use Sequoia was also important for post-production processing, since Fine works without hardware and is able to execute multitrack edits in every facet of the material on his laptop, as he often does. Then the EDL is sent to me via "yousendit", and I can quickly do a partial mixdown for the artists."

For the Bartók and Brahms recordings, the components required by Sequoia (two PC systems and DMC842s) were made available by RME's Stephan Flock. Additional strengths of the Sequoia software became clear once the recordings were completed, as Karwatky states: "The extensive editing options offered by the Sequoia software were also a big help in post-production processing."

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Sequoia is a High Definition Digital Audio Software package for the PC, specializing in the areas of 'multitrack recording & editing' and 'broadcast & mastering' areas. Sequoia offers all that a digital audio workstation needs: recording, editing (including 4-Point Source/Destination editing), mixing, mastering and Red Book standard CD burning. The burn process is carried out directly from the multi-track project together with all the effects, plug-ins, crossfades, and cuts without bouncing or time/memory loss, or the need for any intermediate steps.

For years, Sequoia has been an integral part of leading broadcast and mastering studios worldwide, including German public broadcasters, the Vienna Symphonic Library and Sterling Sound in New York.