New features
Update Service

April 2017

Set clip highlights

Decide just which favorite moments in your videos you'd like to see in the finished movie. Simply set highlight markers and Fastcut will perfectly integrate them into the selected template.

Smart Preview

Thanks to a technical innovation in proxy generation, you'll benefit from smooth previews without any delays. This way you can directly see, which template fits your recordings best.

Automatic beat recognition

Starting now, you no longer have to set cuts in your own templates by hand: Fastcut does this for you with automatic beat recognition!

Edit your templates

Would you like even faster cuts and more lens flare? No problem: Edit your templates as often as you like, without losing the settings.

Trim audio

Would you like to use only a section of your song in a template? Simply trim it as you like to be the perfect length.

Import & export templates

Export your own templates from the program. Afterwards, you can import it to any PC with Fastcut.

Decide clip order

Starting now, you no longer have to make sure your clip selection is made in the final order. You can change it after the fact by simply drag-and-dropping.

10 new editing templates

With 10 new editing templates, the automatic template selection grows to 60. There's something for everyone, guaranteed.

Save clip adjustments

Now, all changes to individual clips such are cut markers and highlights are automatically saved as a preset for later projects.

November 2016

Performance enhancements

Now you can enjoy even higher program performance.

10 new editing templates

Discover 10 new automatic editing templates for your videos.

July 2016

Categories for templates

To help you find your templates even faster, all templates have been categorized and from now on can be filtered. This guarantees you'll find the right template – whether the style of your video is adrenaline-loaded or relaxed.

Add template to favorites

You don't want to have to search for your template each time from the start? No problem: Simple add it to Favorites and you'll always find it quickly and easily in the "Favorites" category.

Creating Your Own Templates

Turn your favorite song into a personalized editing template! Simply load music into the program and set the cut markers just how you like.

8 new editing templates

8 new editing templates expand the choice of Fastcut's finished templates.

May 2016

5 new editing templates
  • Cabriolet
  • Get Active
  • Shining Light
  • Drum & Bass
  • Lunch in Berlin

February 2016
Update Service: Now for Fastcut

5 new editing templates
  • Dance With Me
  • Let's Be Friends
  • Mystic River
  • On The Road
  • Wild Trip