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Web Designer 11

Create websites

Create websites

The result is always in front of you

Simply drag text and images where you want them. Change colors, fonts, and image sizes with just a few clicks. The site displayed in the program is exactly what you'll see online.

No programming skills required

You don't have to know HTML or any other programming languages to create or maintain your website. Xara Web Designer takes care of everything for you. At the same time, you have complete design freedom for your website. No restrictive website building blocks!

Over 30 website templates and numerous graphic elements

Over 30 website templates and numerous graphic elements

Completely pre-built website templates

Let yourself be inspired by the numerous website templates. Simply choose one you like and modify it to create your own unique design.

Each template contains all elements that you need for your homepage: navigation bars, graphics, as well as various pictures. All elements in the templates can be edited, deleted or exchanged.

Over 500 graphics

Web Designer comes with completely adjustable graphics, such as buttons and navigation bars.

Online Catalog

Let yourself be inspired by the extra website templates, designs and content in our online catalog.

Multimedia integration with just a few clicks

Multimedia integration with just a few clicks

Music player

Embed music into your homepage by simply dragging a music file onto your page.

HD Video Player

Show your videos online in brilliant HD resolution. You can embed your clips in any website with just a few clicks.

Interactive photo galleries

Display your photos in online galleries or as interactive photo presentations (based on modern HTML5 and CSS3 technology) with amazing transition effects.

Modern design elements

Your website on any device

Your website on any device

Optimize your website's look on smartphones and tablets. Easily created versions of your website which fit various devices.

You have complete design control and can make changes to displayed content (e.g. make text shorter for mobile versions).

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Mouseover Effects

Mouseover Effects

Make your website more dynamic with mouseover effects.

For example, you can make objects grow bigger, change color or turn when visitors mouse over them.

Unique website icons

Unique website icons

Design your own favicons and add them to your website automatically.

These icons are displayed in the address bar, bookmarks, favorites and tabs of the Internet browser.

Widescreen websites

Widescreen websites

Add a little life to the white background behind your actual web page: Insert patterns, textures or images and create an exciting web presence even on large displays.

Image, graphic and text functions

Simplified graphic design with Smart Shapes

Simplified graphic design with Smart Shapes

It's now even easier to adjust special shapes, e.g. arrows or speech bubbles.

Quick image optimization

Adjust the color, contrast and brightness of your images in Xara Web Designer. You won't need any other software.

Flowing text and shapes

Flowing text and shapes

Text can flow around graphics and images or smoothly fit inside these. You can easily let text run, for example, in a circle.

Exotic fonts

Do you have a favorite font you want to use for your website? With Xara Web Designer this isn't a problem. Any font is displayed correctly everywhere.


Collaborative online editing

Make changes to your website's text and images in your browser, together with others and from anywhere in the world.

Secure website upload

SFTP upload (the "S" stands for "secure") makes sure your website is protected against unwanted access and manipulation on its way to the web.

Password protection for your website

You are in charge of who has access to your website. Password protection lets you decide who has access to your content. To do this, simply upload your website to Xara Online.

Includes 500 MB of web storage

Xara Web Designer comes with 500 MB of web storage for publishing your website on the Internet.

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Widgets – useful extensions

Add extra content to your website, such as Google Maps, Facebook buttons, YouTube and Twitter.