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MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro (Mac OS)
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Optimize your audio, quickly,
efficiently & professionally.

MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro has all the tools you need to get the absolute most out of your audio.

In just a few easy steps you can digitize, edit and restore your audio files and recordings to get exactly the sound you're looking for.

MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro is more than just a music editor.
The program offers a vast selection of intuitive, advanced tools and features for audio editing, noise removal and sound optimization exclusively for Mac OS X.

Your records, cassettes, live recordings and speech recordings will always sound perfect!

  • Rescue your old vinyl and cassette recordings
  • Optimize speech recordings and memo dictation
  • Restore music and live recordings

Program interface


Remove noise & restore songs:
Eliminate popping, clicking, scratching, hissing and humming

More than 250 handy presets:
The ideal solution for automatic sound optimization

Fully automatic cleaning mode & step-by-step modes:
Quick and easy sound cleaning

Convenient recording & editing:
Create, cut and edit professional recordings

High-quality tools for audio optimization:
10-Band Equalizer, Parametric EQ, Brilliance Enhancer,
DeNoiser and more

Direct spectral cleaning:
Precise detection and removal of noise

Professional mastering tools:
Give your audio files that final polish

Turbo Tape:
Digitize and restore your cassette recordings
with high-speed dubbing

MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro (Mac OS)

MAGIX Audio Cleaner Pro (Mac OS)

Kr 49 Shipping