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Photostory 2016 Deluxe

Operation & Tools

User Interface

Large buttons and an easy-to-use interface make designing slideshows more fun than ever before.

Choose between the clearly laid out Storyboard mode and Timeline mode with a total of 8 multimedia tracks.

Import wizard

Quickly find what you're looking for. Use the Import Wizard to transfer your recordings from cameras, drives and data storage devices directly to your computer and into your slideshow.

Quick access feature

It doesn't get any easier than this. The quick access feature allows you to play and trim video clips directly from the Mediapool and import them directly into your video project's timeline.

Photostory Wizard

The Photostory Wizard turns your photos and videos into fantastic picture stories – with many thematic templates such as vacation, Christmas and many more.

Slideshow management

If you create several slideshows in one project they will be displayed neatly in tabs above the timeline.

Performance & Formats

64-bit turbo

Get the most out of your 64-bit version of Windows thanks to Photostory 2016 Deluxe's 64-bit turbo.

Faster effect calculation

Effects added to your photos and videos, such as blur or focus, are now calculated by the graphics processor in Photostory 2016 Deluxe.

Efficient multitrack performance

The optimized multitrack feature in MAGIX Photostory 2016 Deluxe provides a more efficient use of multi-core processors.

High-resolution slideshows

MAGIX Photostory 2016 Deluxe allows you to use your camera to its full potential and create slideshows even in 4K/Ultra HD.

Support for 360° footage

Import 360 degree panoramas with a full range of view. Select a section of the panorama and edit this however you want.

Support for new video formats

Photostory 2016 Deluxe provides comprehensive support for all standard photo and video formats, including RAW and HEVC*.

* HEVC encoding requires fee-based activation.

Effect & Menu Design

Powerful image stabilization
Powerful image stabilization

The fully-integrated Mercalli V2 plug-in from proDAD provides perfect stabilization for shaky video footage.

You can also improve footage from DSLR cameras and mobile phones with corrections for unwanted effects such as rolling shutter. Shaky camera pans and stuttering zooms can also be smoothed out.

Amazing titles and editing templates

Tons of modern title presets and thematic templates let you turn your slideshow into a true optical highlight in no time at all.

Use the templates to share your greatest experiences, such as recent vacation, with your friends and family!

Automatic image optimization

Customize color, contrast, brightness and saturation or alternatively do it automatically using the auto-correction feature.

HDR Effects

High Dynamic Range effects (HDR) allow large, detailed differences in brightness to be displayed in pictures and videos.

Secondary color correction

Editing only the blues in a photo or video clip, for example, to make the sky look brighter.

Picture-in-picture effects

With templates for picture-in-picture collages you can perfectly place several images into any scene.

Or place portrait images side by side and avoid the usual screen edges.

Red eye correction

Why, despite pre-flash and other innovations in modern camera technology does the red-eye effect still occur?

Photostory 2016 Deluxe allows you to highlight the area around the eyes and correct it with a click.

Title Editor

Titles for opening and closing credits, chapter markers, and subtitles can be entered directly into the preview window and positioned precisely.

Change images to the beat of the music

The musical editing feature automatically gives your slideshows a perfectly fitting soundtrack every time.

Change picture perspective

Add your photos to motifs and position them precisely where you want them, e.g. on signs and signposts with the correct perspective.

Improved travel route animations
Improved travel route animations

Show your family, friends and others the places you've traveled to.

Select a mode of transportation (from airplanes to motorcycles) for each stage of your journey, define stops along the way and customize the route display just the way you want.

Produce panorama pictures
Produce panorama pictures

Seamlessly combine individual pictures into panoramas with automatic focal distance detection, lens distortion correction and perspectives.

It's also great for full camera panning without any black edges.

Create 3D effects
Create 3D effects

You can also create absolutely realistic 3D experiences with any regular digital camera!

The program combines single pictures into a real 3D photo, creating a realistic impression of depth.

Professional artistic filters

Simply choose a filter and apply it to the image with a click.

Tracking shots & zooms

Create unique zooms and camera pans to highlight important image content.

Decorative elements

Choose from over 130 templates including audio and effect sounds and adjust the position and size as you like.

Intro & outro templates

We've added even more excellent, high-quality templates to the popular intro/outro template selection.


The highlight of any slideshow is the eye-catching animated transitions between the photos and videos.

Menu templates

Add the finishing touch to your slideshows with animated disc menus just like the ones on professional store-bought DVDs and Blu-rays.

Easily create professionally animated menus down to the finest detail.

Print personalized cases & labels

With the included MAGIX Xtreme Print Studio you can create amazing CD/DVD covers and labels for your slideshow discs.

Audio editing

Rhythmic slideshows

Photostory 2016 now makes it even easier to arrange your photos and video clips so that they match the beat of the music. Set snap markers while listening to the selected music (you can also do this with touch controls).

The snap markers then make it easy to place your photos so that they transitions according to the rhythm of the music.

Automatic loudness adjustment

Ensure your audio commentaries are always loud and clear. Photostory 2016 automatically adjusts the loudness for you.

Audio Dubbing

Can't find the right background music on CD or MP3? No problem! Simply choose from over 950 songs & sounds and find something that fits.

Soundtrack Maker

The integrated MAGIX Soundtrack Maker automatically creates atmospheric background music according to your needs, whether you want action, suspense or fun.

Media output

Export wizard

The new export wizard displays the most common export options at a glance.

Simply select an export format and follow the instructions or specify further settings.

Transfer to mobile devices

Transfer slideshows directly to smartphones, tablets, media players and mobile devices.

There's a huge selection of device presets available in MAGIX Photostory 2016 Deluxe for all the most popular devices.

Burn slideshows to a disc

Automatically burn your finished slideshow with animated menus onto DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc in professional quality.

Simply choose from a number of professionally designed menu templates.

YouTube, Facebook & Flickr

Share your most beautiful, most spectacular, or funniest slideshows with the whole world on popular sites like YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.

Present on websites

Direct export of multimedia slideshows as media players for convenient viewing on your PC through an Internet browser and for embedding in websites.

Help community Community

The direct connection to the Multimedia Community makes it easy to find detailed information on how to solve any problems you might have.

Simply write your question in the program and upload it directly.