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PC Check & Tuning 2017

The Overview Screen
Your system at a glance

The Overview Screen

You will find all important information about the state of your system in the overview screen.

The automatic PC check will begin when you start the program. This allows you to directly see how many problems and optimizations have been identified in three different areas: "Clean PC", "Speed up your PC" und "Secure PC".

With one click you can then go to one particular area and either automatically fix any problems or check each problem individually.

PC Temperature

CPU-intensive applications or too many unnecessary processes that are started can cause your system to overheat and suffer damage.

Keep an eye on this value with the temperature indicator.

Processor load

Here you can see the load on the main processor (CPU).

The lower the load, the more power there is available for applications, and programs will run noticeably faster.

Quick Tip

The latest information at a glance. Quick Tip contains useful information about the status of your PC and tips for using Windows and MAGIX software

High Speed Mode
High Speed Mode

Switch to High Speed mode to deactivate unnecessary services and get more power for CPU intensive applications and games.

Live Wizard for system monitoring

The system protection permanently monitors the performance and stability of your computer in the background and notifies you via pop-ups when problems and updates are found.

Clean up PC

Clean registry
Clean registry

Windows registry entries are often not completely deleted when uninstalling software, which can negatively affect your system's performance and stability.

The Registry Cleaner cleans up the database in order to speed up your system.

Find large files

The Multimedia Data Manager displays which files on your hard drive take up the most space.

You can filter these files according to media type and save them to external data storage devices or delete them to increase disk space.

Delete unnecessary files

Many programs create temporary files on your computer that unnecessarily take up space and frequently are not used again.

The program finds these files and recommends which ones you can delete without having to worry.

Save power

Depending on your needs and workflow, you can choose between different power profiles, which allow you to reduce your computer's power consumption by up to 15 percent.

This increases the battery life of your laptops and netbooks considerably.

Securely empty recycle bin

Sending files to the Recycle Bin isn't enough to delete them permanently.

PC Check & Tuning completely deletes confidential data, making sure that it can't be restored. This allows you to sell old hard drives, for example.

Speed up your PC

Internet tuning
Internet tuning

PC Check & Tuning analyzes your system and improves all relevant settings for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox with just one click.

In addition, you can optimize network settings.

Clean up startup

To get your PC running just like it did when you first used it, PC Check & Tuning optimizes your startup.

This lets you deactivate unnecessary applications and services that automatically start up in Windows.

Defragment drives

Increase access speed to your hard drive by defragmenting the registry to automatically rejoin scattered files.

Optimize Windows settings

PC Check & Tuning offers quick access to hidden Windows settings.

Adjust the start up settings, the task bar, appearance and much more with just a few clicks.

Customize Windows services

By default Windows starts many background programs that are not necessary for every user.

These services can either be automatically deactivated or customized to meet your needs.

Secure PC

Update drivers
Update drivers

PC Check & Tuning automatically keeps all your drivers up to date to ensure smooth communication between your operating system and connected devices.

Updating programs

Outdated programs on your system are always a major security risk. PC Check & Tuning checks if your software is up to date and if new versions are available.

Delete Internet traces

Protect your privacy while surfing the Internet. Easily delete temporary Internet files, cookies and the history of all the websites you visited with this feature in order to make your user behavior invisible.

Recover deleted files

If you have accidentally deleted important files and much new data hasn't been written to the disk, you can quickly and easily restore your data.

Restore system

As a regular backup and before you make changes to the Windows system, you can set a system restore point, which creates an image of your current system.

Uninstall Wizard
Uninstall Wizard

The Wizard lists all programs installed and recognizes important programs or programs that have been installed twice. This way you can uninstall unnecessary programs and free up space risk free.