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proDAD VitaScene V2 LEproDAD VitaScene V2 LE
Save Kr 590
proDAD VitaScene V2 LE
Regularly Kr 1 339 Kr 749

The all-in-one effects package for your videos.

The high-quality effects from proDAD VitaScene V2 LE will give your movies a whole new look. Use the extensive effect palette with over 100 effects to present your movies in the best light. The decluttered user interface makes it easy to choose the right effect for your scenes.

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More versatile professional effects.

With just a few clicks you can optimize the look and lighting of your movie, add tasteful transitions or get creative and transform your movie into a colorful cartoon. Adjust intensity, stretch factor or the angle of effects using the effects control allowing you to customize your videos with just a few clicks.

More versatile professional effects.
The most important features

The most important features:

  • Amazing movie effects & cool light effects
  • Glamorous light dimming, magical glitter
  • New light filters offer the right lighting for every scene
  • Romantic or unique atmospheres for your movies
  • New video filters with highly efficient algorithms
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness and color
  • Fast and fully automatic with the click of the mouse

Note: This plug-in is only compatible with the 32-bit versions of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro (MX and higher) or MAGIX Video Pro X (Version 3 and higher).


Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Vista
Save Kr 590
proDAD VitaScene V2 LE
Regularly Kr 1 339 Kr 749

proDAD VitaScene V2 LE