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Samplitude Music Studio

Note: Samplitude Music Studio 2015 is new version of SamplitudeĀ® Music Studio 2014. Some videos may display the program interface from the previous version. The features that are shown have not been changed.

1. Introduction

Introductory video

Welcome to Music Studio! This video will provide you with an easy introduction to the world of digital music production and get you familiar with some of the basic functions of the program.

2. More Tutorials

Multitrack Recording

The integrated MR-128 multitrack recorder combines the trusted handling of a multitrack recorder with all the advantages of a personal computer.


With the mixer, you have control over all your projects. Volume, panorama and effects offer everything you need to get the best out of your instruments, sounds, and vocals. So you can mix your songs just like a professional sound engineer.

Track Editor

The track editor gives you access to all the most important track functions: From Audio and AUX settings to plug-ins, mixer settings, comments and equalizer.

Virtual Instruments

The included virtual instruments offer unlimited variety: From strumming and wind instruments, guitars and basses, to percussion and drums. Just connect the MIDI keyboard to play live or use the MIDI objects to program them.

MIDI Compositions

You can correct recordings made with the MIDI keyboard or drum pads, or you can make your own patterns with your mouse.


Automations allow you to make your recordings more dynamic. Volume, panorama progressions and effects are controlled with the help of track curves.

Vocal tuning

Put your vocals in the right mood. Or use the harmonizer to create a chorus which is automatically adjusted to fit the selected key.

Guitar and Bass Amp

Vandal SE provides you with a top class virtual guitar and bass amp. Vandal SE virtualizes every aspect of a real amp. From the type of tube to the amplification stage on through to the speaker coil, this virtual amplifier is as good as the real deal and has an unbelievably realistic sound.

BeatBox 2 Plus

The BeatBox2 drum machine is the perfect tool for making grooves and beats. In addition to an amazing sound engine and lots of drum kits, BeatBox 2 offers complete control over engaging sound progressions and an integrated effects sections.