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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10
Kr 550

Simply better photos
& graphics

Perfect your photos and create your own drawings and illustrations for flyers, cards
and web pages.
The combination of photos and graphics in one program opens up a wide variety of
new possibilities.

Image editing:

  • Quick image optimization
  • Create flawless images
    using photo retouching
  • Create photo montages
  • Photo effects

Graphic design:

  • Freehand drawing & painting
  • Logos & decorative elements
  • Illustrations
  • 3D Design


  • Designs Gallery
  • Photo Manager 12
  • Online Album Premium
    free for 12 months*

*This offer from MAGIX Online World applies to the Online Album Premium which can be used for free for a 12-month period from the date of registration. After the free trial period, the service can be renewed based on the terms and conditions that apply at the time of the renewal (€1,99/month as of May 16, 2014).
The offer includes one or several domains (all endings except .tv available). After the contract is terminated, you may continue to use the received domains according to conditions applicable to them.

MAGIX Photostory 2015 Deluxe
Kr 450
instead of Kr 1 199
Kr 749

The premium package for impressive photos

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 combined with Photostory 2015 Deluxe: Edit photos, create your own graphics and present it all in a remarkable slideshow. You'll be sure to impress your friends & family with this complete package for your pictures.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10:

  • Edit & optimize photos and images
  • Photo retouching and detail adjustment
  • Enhance photos with artistic effects
  • Vector-based graphic creation
  • 3D design tool (e.g. for logos)
  • Professional photo design templates

Photostory 2015 Deluxe:

  • Slideshows for TV, PC, Web, Blu-ray,
    projectors & mobile devices
  • Over 300 high-quality transitions,
    templates and special effects
  • Detailed travel route animations
  • Touch elements for intuitive use
  • 850 songs & sounds for dubbing
  • Supports Full HD, 4K & 3D

BONUS! MAGIX Online Album Premium free for 12 months*

  • Upload impressive photos and videos
    to your own album websites.
  • Impressive presentations for all
    end devices with lots of functions
  • Secure data transfer,
    incl. password protection

Both programs work hand in hand thanks to the new MX interface. Projects created in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 can be opened directly and edited at any time in MAGIX Photostory 2015 Deluxe. Let your creativity run wild!

instead of Kr 1 199
Kr 749
Xara Designer Pro X10
Kr 2 399
Kr 49 Shipping

The complete professional design solution

Xara Designer Pro X10 seamlessly combines all of the high-performance features required for advanced design and was created specifically with the needs of professional users in mind.

Photo editing:

  • Image optimization
  • Retouch photos
  • Photo effects
  • Tools
  • and much more

Graphic design:

  • Draw, paint & illustrate
  • 3D Design
  • Vectorize photos
  • World's fastest vector engine
  • and much more

Web Design:

  • No programming skills required
  • Create webinars
  • E-Commerce features
  • Animations
  • and much more

Page layout:

  • Support for multi-page documents
  • Create presentations
  • PDF/X Support
  • Professional color systems:
    CMYK, Pantone, HSV
  • and much more


  • Exclusive design templates
  • 2000 MB webspace, 1 Domain
    and 5 email accounts
  • MAGIX Online Album Premium
    free for 12 months
Kr 2 399
Kr 49 Shipping