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Photo & Graphic Designer 10

Image optimization

NEW! Precise editing of light & shadows

NEW! Precise editing of light & shadows

Pictures taken outside on a sunny day often have areas that are too bright or too dark. Now you can correct these problems with precise adjustment of light and shadows. This helps to make the details in your photos more visible.

Adjust brightness & contrast

The photo tool for optimizing contrast and brightness has been completely redesigned.

Now the details in your photos remain intact regardless of any changes to contrast or brightness.

Cut & level

Select a new image section or easily adjust the format.

A grid is displayed to help you make the perfect cut. You can also use guidelines to ensure straight alignment.

IMPROVED! Color correction

Easily optimize hue, brightness and saturation of certain color ranges.

This can be used to add more saturation to the green shades of a country landscape or the red shades in faces.


Make your images razor sharp. There are two tools you can use for this:

  • The slider in the photo optimization tools
  • The detailed "Unsharp Mask" filter

Intelligent scaling & zoom

Change the width and height of the image or enlarge specific parts. This prevents distortion of important image elements, e.g. people.

It's a great way to create website headers and other graphics with unique dimensions.

Adjust specific areas

Adjust specific areas

Select specific parts of the image using the Section Tool and edit them separately. This can be used to draw the viewer's attention to specific elements by making them brighter and darkening the surrounding elements. It can also be used to correct parts of the image that are poorly exposed.

Remove distortions

Converging lines often occur when taking photos of buildings using a wide angle lens. These are in fact parallel lines that meet at a single point in the distance.

This can be corrected with a single click.


Remove unwanted elements

Remove unwanted elements

Use the Photo Heal Tool to remove spots and wrinkles from people's faces.

Magic Erase helps to remove unwanted elements such as street signs or footprints.

Restore old photos

Remove scratches and dust using the Photo Heal Tool. Use the image optimization tools to add more contrast and sharpness to your photos.

Change body shapes

With the "Liquid Paint" you can make everyone look their best, e.g. by straightening the nose. Or you can enlarge or shrink other body parts any way you like.

Red eye correction

Red-eye effect occurs when the lens and the flash are very close to another, often in low light conditions.

Correct this with just one click.

Creative design

Photo montages

Photo montages

Select individual image elements and reposition them freely. By combining various elements, you can turn your fantasy into digital works of art.

Tip! Adjust the colors, brightness and contract of specific image areas. Add some feathering to blend it all together perfectly.


Let the program automatically combine several images into a panorama.

Photo filters

Add unique effects to your images.

View Filter Gallery

Red Giant Magic Bullet PhotoLooks

Choose from over 100 templates or create your own customized filter settings.

View PhotoLooks Gallery

Combine image and text

Combine image and text

Create your own collector's album or a beautiful collage for greeting cards: Get creative with your photo editing and add some notable quotes or words of wisdom to your masterpieces.

Special font effects can transform your text into a real eye-catcher:

  • Flowing text around shapes
  • Transparency Mode: Mix, Stained Glass, Bleaching, Saturation and more.
  • 3D Effects
  • Detailed control of line spacing, paragraphs, line height, tracking etc.


3D design

Add a whole new dimension to your graphics with the the 3D tool. You can even set the perspective, depth and shadow.

Web graphics

Design buttons, menus, cards etc. for your website. The MX function makes it possible to transfer finished graphics directly to Xara Web Designer.


Design your own logo as a vector graphic. This makes it possible to export in any size without loss in quality.



Create your own avatar by combining various body parts, e.g. a profile pic for Facebook.

Flow charts & process diagrams

With the graphics tools you can quickly and easily design impressive flow charts and process diagrams.

Floor plans

Draw your own floor plans and blueprints. This can very helpful when planning interior design for your home.

NEW! Graphic design with Smart Shapes

Change the premade Smart Shapes intuitively using special handles.

Watch Sample Video

NEW! Online catalog with over 2500 design elements

Choose from a vast selection of design templates and decorative elements in our convenient online catalog.

Digital drawings

Digital drawings

Take advantage of a wide range of powerful graphics tools to create your own drawings on your PC either using the mouse or a graphics tablet.

Copy from your photos or start from scratch with a blank page. All the shapes can be changed at any time. Vector-based editing makes it possible to export in any size.

Create your own digital masterpieces and have tons of fun doing it!

Watch Sample Video

Powerful technology

Professional graphics technology

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer works with the world's fastest vector engine from Xara Designer Pro. Even extremely large graphics can be edited on any computer.

Non-destructive editing

Because your original images remain unchanged, you can experiment as much as you want.
No matter how often you change the size, your images will remain clear and sharp.

RAW format support

You can also import your images in RAW format. These offer much more detail than compressed JPEG files.

List of supported RAW formats

Support for graphics tablets

Draw vector graphics with a pen on your graphics tablet. This enables real freehand drawing and makes creating digital graphics a lot more fun.

Expansion with plugins

You can even use Adobe Photoshop plug-ins with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. These expansions can be integrated quickly and easily.

MX Media-X-change

Easily exchange files between MAGIX programs. This makes it possible to use your graphics in Xara Web Designer or your photos in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. More information on MX


Create photo books

Create photo books

Design high-quality photo books just the way you want: Set the format, select your pictures, add text, and have them printed for a low price – that's all there is to it.

Or experience your images in razor-sharp quality on premium photo paper.


Present online

Share your photos and videos on your own album website. You get MAGIX Online Album Premium* with unlimited storage space free for one year.
View example

Image management

Bring order to the chaos of your digital image collection: Import, organize, and archive photos from your digital camera quickly and easily.

*This offer from MAGIX Online World applies to the Online Album Premium which can be used for free for a 12-month period from the date of registration. After the free trial period, the service can be renewed based on the terms and conditions that apply at the time of the renewal (€1.99/month as of May 16, 2014). The offer includes one or multiple domains (all endings except .tv). After the contract is terminated, you may continue to use the received domains according to conditions applicable to them.