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MAGIX Launches Xara Web Designer and Xara Xtreme 5 on their online Shop

Xara, known for its quality, has launched two new products on the MAGIX online shop. Xara Web Designer and Xara Xtreme 5.

Products published under the Xara brand have become known for their quality and economically placed price points. This reputation, known the world over, is more than deserved. This fact has become especially significant with the dual release of Xara Web Designer and Xara Graphic and Photographic Designer on the MAGIX online shop. The products will be available for the first time on the MAGIX US and Canadian websites. With this release MAGIX is acknowledging the strength of the Xara name, and the quality their products represent to consumers. Xara, one of the oldest UK software developers, was acquired by MAGIX AG in January 2007 and now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary. Consequently, Xara Web Designer is part of the MAGIX product family.

Xara Web Designer is unlike any other web page software; it allows for complete free-form, “anything, anywhere” web page design. It does this with absolutely no HTML or JavaScript skills required. Xara Web Designer is perfect for creating graphical web pages containing text, graphics, photos, widgets and Flash animations. “The entire program is graphic orientated, and made to be easy an intuitive. You do not need any previous HTML knowledge, because if you are familiar with any presentation software, you can make mind blowing pages, and basically create anything you can think of,” says Klaus Fischer, Product Manager at MAGIX. “You really don’t need any previous knowledge because everything is handled automatically. XaraWeb Designer is the only one stop solution available in the market right now, and it is very clever in compression to the competitors in this field.”

For the novice or time-restricted user it includes a set of ready-made professionally designed templates and graphics. The customizable graphics include headings, navigation buttons, logos, text panels and speech bubbles that can be simply dragged and dropped from the Designs Gallery onto the page. Buttons and headings dragged onto the page will automatically assume the theme color.

The program combines the advantages of a template-based building block system with a number of innovations for completely flexible design of complete websites, animations, and web graphics. Includes text layout, image optimization, publishing, and much more.

For a trial, or to download direct click here.

With the upgrade to Xara Xtreme, the new version 5 promises to be the world’s fastest graphic design program Along with many new features, this upgrade boasts improved file importing, flash creation and numerous templates that are ready for quick customization that reflect your needs. From flyers, brochure layouts, and website layouts, Xara Xtreme does it all.

For a trial, or to download direct click here.

Xara Xtreme 5 produces spectacular documents and graphics, and is optimized to create vector illustrations, web graphics, flyers and now high-quality websites with ease. This one tool can produce all your documents. Instead of using separate, often expensive, difficult-to-learn software packages, with Xara Xtreme you can re-use the same layouts for brochures, easy to make PDFs, and websites.

To obtain a review copy, or for more details on Xara Web Designer or Xara Xtreme please contact:

Nova Fisher

Communications Manager,

Xara Group

Tel: +44 1392 209509


Adam Zarboni
PR & Communications Manager, North America
One Valleywood Drive, Suite 302
Markham, Ontario L3R 5L9

T: +1 (905) 470-0400 x.225
F: +1 (905) 470-0403