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Create a website with Xara

Building a website seems like an impossible task for many people.

Most don't have the necessary programming skills, nor are they familiar with the secrets of web hosting. Xara Web Designer is a product that enables any user to create a page and publish it on the internet. It's a common story: you've been on vacation and now have lots of photos and videos edited using photo or video editing software to share with friends and family. What is the easiest way of sharing holiday memories with friends and family?

The solution: Build a website using Xara software, add photos and video clips and send the link to your friends. Plus Web Designer features practical widgets such as contact forms and MP3 players. Being able to drag and drop widgets for Google Maps, Facebook and other popular websites helps the user to design their internet presence based on the latest social network trends. Using Xara Web Designer it is also possible to embed downloadable content such as MP3s and PDFs. This lets the user get access to homemade hits or important information. Vacation and party photos from Flickr and Picasa galleries can also be embedded directly on your website. It's easy to track the number of visitor this cool-looking new website is attracting using the visitor counter feature. Moreover video can be embedded and watched on a built-in video player. The finished page can be published with just a few clicks on the free hosting service, MAGIX Online World, and on any hosting provider that supports FTP.

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Create your own homepage quickly and easily

Xara Web Designer offers various possible commercial uses: Use it to sell your own products with PayPal. People who don't have their own wares to sell can generate profit by attracting lots of visitors to their site and taking advantage of partner schemes from Amazon or eBay. Every product sold on the site means more money in the piggy bank. Create a website - it's fun and can be a real money spinner!

Xara Web Designer 11

Xara Web Designer 11

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