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A Fast and Effective Logo Creator

The bar has been set high, today’s customers expect a clear communicated corporate identity from every company, even the small ones..

A logo can help or hinder a company because it is of the centerpieces of a corporate identity. This means that creating the perfect logo can be both intimidating and expensive. Using a logo creator is a great way to avoid expensive graphic designers and keep costs low. This makes It is a fantastic tool for small businesses. Keep costs low without compromising quality with the new MAGIX Page & Layout designer.

It no longer takes a lot of money to have a clear and recognizable logo. MAGIX Page & Layout designer is a powerful logo creator, allowing you to create and customize corporate logos as well as other promotional materials. The software is easy to use and intuitive allowing complex design to be learned and executed quickly. With a wide range of functions and templates, things like business cards, flyers, newsletters and brochures can be designed, edited or re-arranged to create the exact corporate identity that you need. This easily mastered program is guaranteed to save you time and money without compromising on quality.

Page & Layout Designer Screen

Make your own Logo with our Powerful Logo Creator

Professional Logos, marketing materials, brochers, posters and newsletters no longer need to be expensive. This powerful logo creator and designer allows you to create a professional cooperate identity from your own computer. MAGIX Page & Layout designer will save you and your company both time and money without compromising on results.

Xara Page & Layout Designer 10

Xara Page & Layout Designer 10

Xara Page & Layout Designer 10 combines all the tools needed for creating impressive print products in one high-performance layout program (DTP program).
It's the perfect partner for freelancers, small businesses and anyone who wants to create their own amazing designs.

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