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Press comments 2009

Videomaker Magazine - Best Product of the Year 2009

MAGIX Video Pro X

"Video Pro X is a step above the typical bargain-basement editor, but it is more accessible than the typical pro-level editing application. It seems to hit a sweet spot between the two product categories." "Creating professional-looking titles in 3D motion has never been so easy" "The new features offer an impressive reason to purchase the program" - 2009

MAGIX Music Maker 15

“... impressive features, easy to use tools and applications ...” “... offering a simplicity and presentation that many Audio Editing software programs lack.”

Tech Peak of the Week - November 2009

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus

"Magix’s Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus is a heck of a deal..." " and simple to use." "Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 is a quality video editing product..." -Technology Digital Magazine