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PC Check & Tuning 2015

The Overview Screen – Your system at a glance

Automatically find problems and errors

Automatically find problems and errors

You will find all important information about the state of your system in the overview screen. The automatic PC Check will begin when starting the program. This allows you to directly see how many problems and optimizations have been identified in the three different areas "Clean PC", "Speed up your PC" und "Secure PC". With one click you can then go to one particular area and either automatically fix any problems or individually determine what you would like to do.

PC Temperature

CPU-intensive applications or too many unnecessary processes that are started can cause your system to overheat and suffer damage. Keep an eye on this value with the temperature indicator.

Processor load

Here you can see the load on the main processor (CPU). The lower the load, the more power there is available for applications and programs will run noticeably faster.

PC Information

Here you will find the most important information on your operating system and built-in hardware without having to navigate through the Windows Control Panel.

High-speed mode

High-speed mode

Immediately more power for CPU-intensive applications and games: Switch into High-speed mode with just one click to deactivate unnecessary services. Once you require the deactivated services again, simply switch back to the normal mode.

Live Wizard for system monitoring

The system protection permanently monitors the performance and stability of your computer in the background and notifies you when problems and updates are found with pop-ups. Conveniently switch to the program interface of PC Check & Tuning to perform necessary optimizations.

Clean PC

Clean & defrag registry

Clean & defrag registry

Registry entries are often not completely deleted when uninstalling software, which leads to registry files becoming bigger and bigger. Unnecessary or invalid entries in the Windows registry may reduce PC performance and may even lead to system instability.

Scan the registry for problems and carry out optimizations with this feature. This makes the database smaller and your PC faster.

Multimedia Data Manager

The Multimedia Data Manager displays which files and folders on your hard drive or on individual drives take up the most space. To delete more specific files, you can filter the results according to file size and media type. Remove certain videos, photos or audio files to free up more memory.

The program creates an overview that allows you then to manually determine what should be deleted and which files, for example, should be moved to an external hard drive.

Delete Unnecessary Files

Many programs create temporary files on your computer that unnecessarily take up space and frequently are not used again. The program finds these files and recommends which ones you can delete without having to worry.

Save Power

Reduce your computer's power consumption by up to 15 percent. Depending on your needs and workflow, you can switch between various power profiles. Greatly increase the battery life of your laptops and netbooks.

Securely Empty Recycle Bin

Sending files to the Recycle Bin isn't enough to delete them permanently. PC Check & Tuning completely deletes confidential data, making sure that it can't be restored. This allows you, for example, to be able to sell old hard drives.

Speed up your PC



Normally, files aren't written in one, but are actually transferred in multiple fragments. Constantly writing and deleting files leads to fragmentation. Defragmenting is a process that reduces the amount of fragmentation, decreasing the time it takes to access files.

Optimize Autorun

When you turn on your PC a number of unnecessary services are started that slow down your system. These services can be manually or automatically deactivated for noticeably increased startup speeds and improved general PC performance. The program differentiates between unnecessary, optional and important startup items.

Internet Tuning

The settings on your computer can have a negative effect on surfing speed. PC Check & Tuning analyzes your system and improves all relevant settings for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox with just one click. In addition, you can optimize general network settings.

Optimize Windows settings

PC Check & Tuning offers quick access to hidden Windows settings, which otherwise take a lot of effort to change. Adjust the start up settings, the task bar, appearance and much more with just a few clicks. You can also optimally adjust the resolution and design of Windows on notebooks.

Optimize Windows services

By default Windows starts many background programs that are responsible for various tasks but are not necessary for every user. These services can either be automatically deactivated or customized to meet your needs. The program lists the services according to ones that are important, optional and unnecessary.

Secure PC

Update Drivers

Update Drivers

Old drivers affect your PC's stability. Drivers are like a translator that allows the operating system and connected device to communicate effectively. They should be regularly updated.

The program has drivers for over 50,000 hardware components and saves you from having to search for updates on manufacturers' websites.

Update Programs

Outdated programs on your PC pose a considerable security risk. PC Check & Tuning checks whether your software is up to date and whether new versions or updates are available. This allows you to close security gaps and benefit from new functions. Download patches faster than ever before.

With the direct connection to a comprehensive software catalog, you can immediately download new versions of software.

Delete Digital Footprints

Easily delete temporary Internet files, cookies and the history of all the websites you visited with this feature. What you do on your computer will then not be visible for others and you can enjoy more privacy when surfing the Internet.

Recover Deleted Files

Emptied your Recycle Bin by accident? You can now recover files that you accidentally lost when emptying your Windows Recycle Bin.

Restore system

Before you make changes to the Windows system you can set a system restore point, which creates an image of the current system. This enables the previous condition of the system to be restored, for example, if your computer has been attacked by a virus.

Uninstall Wizard

Uninstall Wizard

The Wizard lists all programs installed and recognizes, for example, important programs or programs that have been installed twice. This way you can uninstall unnecessary programs and free up space risk free.