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Movie making software allows users to bring the studio home

The cutting room floor of the silver screen age of Hollywood movies is long past.

We have come a long way since then, especially in the technologic aspect of film making. This means for editors that by using movie making software, all edits can be made in a non-destructive manner to the original footage. How this works with MAGIX products and Movie Edit Pro, is that the footage is dealt with as a whole object. When a videographer or editor uses effects, cuts and transitions, these actions are recorded and calculated within the project; they are not applied to the original footage.

Instead, the video is loaded into the movie making software, and the effects and cuts are applied during the export of the final video project. This leaves a video editor with both the original file and the edited and complete project. If additional effects or changes need to be made, they can load the video project file and re-export the file again, replacing the formerly created file, or create a new file, so each stage or the editing process is there. Users can also load completed projects and apply their own cuts and fixes. Movies are generally made from several different video components and audio information. These can be edited within movie making software packages, either as separate objects or grouped ones.

Movie Edit Pro Plus Screen

How movie making software deals with footage

Detailed video sound options give users a full suite of options including Dolby 5.1 Creator, in both their professional video editing software and consumer editing packages. Sound is especially important when dealing with video content that is meant for the creation of a music video. Sync issues, and having a full audio mastering suite embedded within the program gives the creative community a powerful self-marketing tool.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is impressive with its unique combination of powerful tools and intuitive operation. Bring your movie projects to life in no time at all.

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