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Glyndebourne Festival Opera buys Magix Sequoia

Two years ago, the world-renowned Glyndebourne opera house in Sussex, England, decided to form its own CD label to release material derived from its huge archive of live recordings made during more than forty five years of intensive systematic activity. The first two of these, namely a recording made in 1962 of Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, sung in Italian, and a recording made in 2006 of Prokofiev’s Betrothal in a Monastery, sung in Russian, have just been released to euphoric press acclaim: “A Pandora’s box of operatic treasures.” Classic FM magazine, July 2008.

These initial releases were edited and mastered externally but in March 2008 the decision was taken to build up an internal house mastering capability and as a result a dedicated mastering studio has been constructed within the opera house environment. John Barnes, who has managed the archival recording activity at Glyndebourne since the early 1960s, has brought in Sébastien Chonion, Tonmeister from France, to run the original recording and remastering activities and decisions have had to be taken about the software platform to be used.

After a great deal of discussion and external consultation within the industry the decision was taken to install Magix Sequoia Version 10 for both new original recording and remastering, primarily because of its superior multitrack editing capabilities and the wide range of plug-in modules available for data-handling. Sequoia has now been in use on a daily basis since early April 2008 and the decision to install Sequoia has already proved itself to have been absolutely correct for this particular environment.

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About Sequoia:

Sequoia is a High Definition Digital Audio Software package for the PC, specializing in the areas of 'multitrack recording & editing' and 'broadcast & mastering' areas. Sequoia offers all that a digital audio workstation needs: recording, editing (including 4-Point Source/Destination editing), mixing, mastering and Red Book standard CD burning. The burn process is carried out directly from the multi-track project together with all the effects, plug-ins, crossfades, and cuts without bouncing or time/memory loss, or the need for any intermediate steps.

For years, Sequoia has been an integral part of leading broadcast and mastering studios worldwide, including German public broadcasters, the Vienna Symphonic Library and Sterling Sound in New York.