The perfect software for GoPro and other action cams

Extreme athletes, adrenaline junkies, outdoor enthusiasts: There are no limits to what you can use action cams for. Be it riding giant waves, your first time sky diving, or downhill skiing, your action cam is always within reach to capture all of your adventures.

Before sharing your experiences in video form, you need to apply the right touches to the unedited footage from your GoPro or other action cam. Imperfections such as too much light, too little contrast or shaky footage should be fixed before you publish your videos on the Web.
MAGIX offers a quick and effective solution to this problem: Fastcut. Fastcut lets you cut together spectacular scenes or crazy stunts in just a few steps using action templates. You can also add music and edit footage manually.
Video optimization saves you tons of time that you would otherwise spend on post-video editing. This way you have more freedom in the future to plan your next experience. In no time at all you can turn your raw material into professional videos to be shared with friends and others online. If you own a GoPro or other action cam, then this intuitive video software is perfect for you. Leave all the work to the various automated features so you can concentrate on your next adventure.

Every new adventure comes with its fair share of unbelievable impressions you would like to share with others. And not only your friends will be fascinated by all these impressions. However, outdoor enthusiasts don't want to spend all their time editing videos. Fastcut is a quick and intuitive solution to this problem. GoPro and other action cams usually come with a video studio program. However, these programs normally only contain the most basic features.Many action cams also lack the appropriate software for video editing.
MAGIX has specialized in video editing software for years, and Fastcut is a leader among action cam software in the area of automatic features. Import your action cam footage via SD card or USB cable and you're ready to get started.
Choose from tons of editing templates, automatically optimize uneven details such as brightness, color and contrast, and apply cool effects to your videos. Correct the fisheye effect caused by many action cams or adjust the perspective in upside-down recordings. When you're finished, you can directly upload your video from Fastcut to Facebook, YouTube, vimeo and showfy.

Here are some of the features MAGIX Fastcut offers to help you present your adventure footage as professionally as possible:

  • Tons of editing templates: Set the stage for your adventure - it's extremely easy and extremely quick.
  • Automatic image optimization: Automatically optimize your video in one click.
  • Video effects: Tracking shots, zooms, image rotations, and looks - create your own style of video.
  • Remove wind noise and adjust volume.

Fastcut also offers special export options for different GoPro models and output for mobile end devices. Easy-to-use controls make it simple for everyone to get started designing their own action videos.

Fastcut Screen

An alternative to GoPro Studio

Don't waste your time with complicated video editing programs. Use MAGIX Fastcut to turn your experiences into action-packed videos.
Present your videos online and make jaws drop. Get the most out of your videos and share your adventures online on Facebook, YouTube, vimeo and showfy. Capture your high-adrenaline moments on video in the best quality. Get it now and show the world what you're capable of!

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021