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Must-have Accessories for action cams such as GoPro

Whether you're speeding down a mountain on your bike, leaping from roof to roof or sky diving towards the earth - your action cam is always there.

In addition to various mounting devices, there is a whole range of accessories available for action cams. Cases, bags and extra batteries, as well as creative accessories such as filters and lenses, are in high-demand. But another must-have to add to your list is software solutions, such as MAGIX Fastcut, which are programs optimized for GoPro and other action cams to help take videos to the next level.

Ultimately, your footage should be just as spectacular as the event itself. With MAGIX Fastcut, the software lets you quickly and easily edit and optimize your action footage so that you can share it with other extreme athletes, like-minded enthusiasts and the entire online world. This software is a must-have accessory for any action cams user such as the GoPro. Thanks to Fastcut’s various action-themed editing templates, you can now spend more time planning your adventures instead of figuring out how to edit them.

The market for action cam accessories covers a wide range of areas. Standard accessories which have established themselves include not only mounts for attaching cameras to helmets, but also hand-held tripods which can be used when surfing, underwater mounts which can be attached to diving goggles and underwater lamps, and mounts for quadrocopters which allow you to film from the air. There are accessories for every situation which make filming easier – you can even attach your action cam to your dog!

Most action cam and GoPro accessories are designed to be used during filming. However, in order to optimize your footage once you're finished filming, it's recommended that you use video editing software, such as Fastcut, to finalize your story. Every action athlete needs to have this accessory because not every action cam recording can be presented online in its original form.

When you're filming a new action video, need to be able to concentrate 100% on the sequence and execution. This means that when you make a jump, you can't also be focused on making sure your camera is held straight and steady. Use Fastcut to correct shaky footage, remove wind noise and even the color settings to make sure you can get back on your board, on your bike or in the air as quickly as possible. Fastcut is also outfitted with a proxy editing feature and a Movie Wizard which uses impressive action templates to automatically cut your footage and mesh it with a spectacular musical soundtrack. The action templates are designed for ski runs, bike trips, outdoor footage, surfing scenes, aerial shots – there’s a perfect template for every occasion. Fastcut also lets you choose whether you want to select your recordings and cut them yourself, or if you would like the software to do all the work.

Fastcut Screen

Action cam and GoPro accessories for fine-tuning your videos

The next thrill is right around the corner. MAGIX Fastcut enables high-speed editing, optimization and sharing of your videos. Spend your time looking for exciting new locations instead of editing and optimizing your videos. Fastcut is a software accessory designed specifically for GoPro and other action cams.

MAGIX Fastcut

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