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Virtual instruments for Music Maker
and Samplitude Music Studio from the 2015 version or higher.

The MAGIX virtual instruments offer a wide spectrum of quality sounds for music production with Music Maker and Samplitude Music Studio. The instruments can be bought directly and downloaded via the Download Manager.

Price: $39.99 / C$39.99

Download Manager

Analog Synths

Legendary analog synthesizers: Euphoric soundscapes, groaning bass waves and hard electro sounds.

Urban Drums

The camouflage drum machine needs no disguise with such explosive drums, hi-hats and snares for Hip Hop & Dubstep beats.

Celtic Harp

The Celtic harp floats confidently through the entire palette of tender, gentle and elegant plucking sounds.

World Flutes

Exotic flute sounds from Africa, China & America give your songs a meditative sound. Ideal for your own movie music, world music, techno & hip hop.

Power Guitar

Powerful and energetic guitar riffs

These high-adrenalin guitar sounds are the perfect addition to any rock or pop project!

Electric Piano

Electronic keys with charm

This charismatic electric piano offers a unique palette of rich piano sounds for your productions.

Pop Brass

Crystal clear horns

Pop Brass provides modern horn sounds recorded by professional session musicians in a world-class studio.

Vintage Organ

Awesome organ sounds

Vintage Organ captures the classic organ sounds of the 60s and 70s with unbelievable precision and authenticity.

Rock Drums

Powerful, tight drum sounds

Experience realistic Rock Drums recorded in amazing quality down to the finest detail.

String Ensemble

Illustrious strings with a rich, full sound

You'll be amazed by the audio transparency of these authentic orchestra strings.

Bass Machine

Add some rumbling bass to your creations.

Create powerful bass sounds and cool bass lines in incredible sound quality the easy way with the Bass Machine. The sounds and effects such as filter, compressor, reverb, delay, chorus, and distortion offer an enormous range of possibilities for your bass parts.

World Percussion

Percussion instruments for perfect grooves.

Enjoy incredible percussion sounds from Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. World Percussion offers the ultimate selection of top-quality sounds such as bongos, congas, claves, cowbells, shakers, guiros, tambourines, timpani, and vibraphones.

Concert Guitar

An acoustic concert guitar on your computer

The Vita Concert Guitar allows you to reproduce the sound of an authentic, nylon-stringed concert guitar. The well-balanced, homogenous sound image of this instrument will impress you as soon as you hear it.

Soundtrack Percussion

Percussion sounds in amazing quality

Design your own personal soundtrack with outstanding percussion instruments and add that extra something to your songs. Vita Soundtrack Percussion provides a wide range of high-class movie-quality percussion sounds.

Electric Bass

A serious foundation for your bass

Vita Electric Bass provides a classic bass foundation for your songs - whether you use it for complex bass lines or subtle accompaniments, the ease of use and impeccable sound this bass delivers can't be denied.

Century Guitars

Authentic guitar sounds

Century Guitars provides exactly what you are looking for: clean, authentic guitar melodies and accompaniments. Compose realistic guitar parts featuring various playing styles and an authentic sound.

Drum Engine

Top quality drum kits

With the Drum Engine you can create amazingly dynamic and powerful drums. From modern drum kits to classic vintage drum sounds - this instrument offers a wide range of variations and options.

Lead Synth

Professional quality analog synthesizer

Lead Synth is an exceptional, inspirational software synthesizer with a unique sound. This simulation of an actual analog synthesizer is particularly well suited for making lead melodies.


Professional saxophone sounds

The saxophone is one of the most popular woodwind instruments and is sure to add a special touch to any song. With Music Maker you can add that special something to your own music projects - even if you can't read music!

Space Pad

Synthesizer for creating authentic pad sounds

The new Space Pad synthesizer is perfect for creating pad sounds. Design soundscapes, complex sequences and organic synthesizer sounds for your projects - the possibilities are endless.

Jazz Drums

100% Jazz feeling

Jazz Drums turn your PC into a lively jazz club! The realistic sound of the jazz brushes, tom toms, ride cymbals and hi-hats give each track a distinct feel and character.

Century Keys

Top-class piano collection

Century Keys is a top-class collection of virtual pianos for your computer and provides great sounds for many music genres: pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, soul, R'n'B, house, etc.

Upright Bass

Upright Bass – authentic sound for those who want more.

Upright Bass features a variety of acoustic bass sounds including everything from authentic orchestra sounds to classic jazz.


Often in music small details can make big differences.

This jazz classic fits perfectly into any arrangement and can be used for almost any kind of music - from rock and pop to hip hop.

Downloading & installing
virtual instruments.

Download instrument

Download the MAGIX Download Manager and double-click to open the file.

You can select and install all instruments from this page in future.

Install instrument

After installing the instrument, open Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio. If you already opened Music Maker or Samplitude Music Studio during the installation, restart the program.

The new Vita Solo instrument is now integrated into the program. You'll find it in the same area as your other Vita Solo instruments.

Activate instrument

To activate the instrument, open it as normal. In the activation window that appears, click on "Activate online" to get an activation code*. You will receive an email with the activation code for the instrument. Enter this code in the activation window.

Click on "Activate" to complete the activation. That's it! The Vita Solo instrument is now activated on your PC and can be used in Music Maker and Samplitude Music Studio.

* If the activation window does not appear automatically, click with the right mouse button on the newly created object and select "Instrument Editor" in the context menu.

Download instrument

Install instrument

Activate instrument