How to make a website without any previous experience

How to make a website – your own website quickly and easily.

Xara Web Designer is the perfect solution for users who want to make a website but don't know anything about HTML or how to structure web content. With this program, you can quickly create websites that are not only inspiring, but easy to design and maintain – even without any previous experience. Choose from a vast selection of professional templates to create your own unique design. There are no limitations that is often found in normal website building block programs. With MAGIX software, you always have 100% design freedom.

Interactive and animated features make each visit to your website a personal experience. Photos can be arranged, displayed individually and made into presentations. Or make your website more dynamic with mouseover effects. For example, you can make objects increase in size, change color or turn when visitors mouse over them. You can even create unique icons that are embedded automatically in your website or embed fun mini-animations or videos on your site.

Of course, websites shouldn't just be full of animations so there's also a range of exotic fonts to customize your website even further. With Xara Web Designer, it's easy to integrate different types of text to your site. It also doesn't take long to make quality Flash websites decked out with easy to design, interactive buttons and social media links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and there’s even a widget for Google Maps.

Xara Web Designer allows content and navigation elements can easily be moved using the drag and drop functions. Layouts and elements can be resized and moved around and the rest of the page will change accordingly – your creativity will have no bounds! The program creates the HTML code automatically so that you don't have to deal with complicated programming languages. It won't take you long to make a website that will impress any visitor. The user interface is intuitive and will help you achieve your goals quickly and easily. Your site can even be optimized to fit various devices such as tablets and smartphones. With all of these amazing features, you can easily make a professional website without any previous experience while having lots of fun at the same time.

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Make Website Design More Personalized

Users who spend hours at their PC doing various tasks such as photo editing to transform their images into works of art, making movies of their last vacation with a movie making software or busy composing their own hit tracks using music software may not have much time to create a website the share their creations. Xara Web Designer is the everyday solution for anyone who wants to easily and affordably make a website. No matter whether for public, private, work, home, family, friends or even clubs – Xara Web Designer provides professional results and offers maximum flexibility to fit the needs of every user.

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