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MAGIX music editing software: a classic

What makes good music editing software? The answer: depends on what you want to do with it.

A professional sound engineer has different needs than a beginner who just discovered how to make music on their PC. At MAGIX, there’s music making and music editing software for every type of users and for every need. MAGIX has been creating music editing software for over 20 years which is why MAGIX has the experience and innovation to make your musical dreams a reality.

Music Maker, the classic model among music programs, was the solution that inspired and enabled novices to produce their own music without any previous experience. This music editing software helps users create their own songs with its clear user interface and helpful tools. What’s even easier, users can learn the ins and outs of the software through the helpful and informative video tutorials on the Internet or by connecting with the community of Music Maker users and enthusiasts.

The music editing software also includes simple functions, such as cutting as well as sophisticated steps like mastering songs. Users can add relatively simple effects, sounds and loops or even use their own recordings in the program itself. Whoever is looking for best music software or even wants to produce their own songs, can find everything that they need with MAGIX Music Maker.

Music Maker was the first music editing software designed especially with a simple and easy to understand concept for beginners in the field of audio production. The principle behind it is still simple – and above all, ingenious. The program allows users to arrange pre-produced music loops and sounds directly in the software using drag and drop and combine them with their own recordings or add effects. The program automatically adjusts these loops to the right speed, allowing users to produce outstanding results in no time at all. Users can also easily edit and cut guitar or vocal recordings as well as MP3 files.

By combining different virtual instruments and audio loops using this editing software, even inexperienced novices can compose their very first musical tracks with professional sound. The working principle has proven itself over the years and continues to be the focal point of audio software today. User standards as well as the range of editing software functions have increased over the years therefore allowing everyone a quick start in the world of music creation on their PC.

Music Maker Screenshot

Music Maker – the first music editing software ever

With its years of experience, Music Maker has developed into a small but powerful music studio for home computers, which even professionals can use to produce, cut and edit excellent music. Users can even easily and quickly learn how to install MIDI notes using the keyboard and keypad. It also features various effects that allow users to perfect the sounds of their own musical style. Once finished editing and recording music, users can upload their songs directly to the Internet using the upload function integrated right into the program.

This music editing software, MAGIX Music Maker, enables everyone with the chance to get started into the world of music making. The software features a simple and clear user interface with a wide range of functions for editing and cutting audio files. Logical steps and helpful features help users in every situation along the way. The quality of the virtual instruments, plug-ins and effects even let users realize their musical dreams. It's an excellent program for all musical newcomers and anyone who wants to edit and create music.

Music Maker Plus Edition
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Music Maker Plus Edition

22 years ago, Music Maker set a new standard in loop-based music production. From here, everything suddenly panned out surprisingly easily and to this day this is still the reason why many successful producers use Music Maker to find ideas and to create quick and easy beat outlines.
And right on time for its anniversary, we're releasing the Music Maker that everyone has always dreamed of, one that is completely customizable. This means that depending on your edition you can put together all sounds, functions and instruments yourself. The perfect reason to produce a new party anthem, right?