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MAGIX: Edit music – quickly and easily.

The right tools for editing and mixing audio files.

In the past, it was necessary to both own and be able to use a wide range of tools and analog devices, making mixing and editing music an arduous task. If you didn't have a musical background or any audio experience, it was even harder. Fortunately, the triumphant progress of computers and software have brought about a whirlwind of change in audio production and music editing.

Music Maker was the first editing software that allowed virtually anyone to experiment with musical modules and special audio effect and features on their PC. This enabled anyone to produce great songs and tracks and unleash their creative freedom. The program also featured solutions for basic tasks, such as mixing and editing music, enabling users to achieve highest quality results with the ease of having little to no audio editing experience. All it took was a few clicks to shorten songs, optimize sound, add special effects or export audio files in and into different formats directly from the program. Music Maker was and still is the complete solution for all your audio needs whether it be music creation, song editing or mastering – MAGIX Music Maker has it all!

Music Maker is the best software for PC users who want to edit or arrange audio files. The concept behind this software is both simple and ingenious at the same time. It allows users to bring their musical ideas to life without requiring any previous experience, such as reading music or being able to play instruments. The program interface was developed with this concept in mind as it wanted to make music creation a reality for anyone no matter what musical experience they had.

Music Maker combines ease of use with the necessary functional depth for complex music production and editing. This basic principle has made Music Maker well-known and popular in the field of music software. The program inspires users making music with its numerous loops & sounds, virtual instruments, a MIDI editor and an option for adding audio signals with effects, converting files or arranging songs. The success of this editing software raises the bar for user standards and also gives developers even more reason to want to broaden our users' musical horizons. That's why this music creator is now far more than just an option for effectively editing music and songs. In addition to easy handling, the software also offers an impressive array of plug-ins, sounds and editing options that are usually only found in professional products.

Music Maker Screenshot

A music editor for everyone!

Music editing has undergone a fundamental change in the last 30 years. In the past, instruments and expensive devices set the tone - today music is produced, arranged and edited on a computer. Thanks to its ease of use and simplicity, MAGIX Music Maker enables anyone to make their own music or edit existing audio recordings without any previous musical experience. Discover just how easy it is to create and edit great songs with Music Maker.