Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19:
The Success Story

Update history

March 2022

Show profiled colors

Use this mode to have the appearance of colors on the screen match the appearance of the colors in the PDF document better.

21 new Google fonts

21 new fonts have been added. That means you now have even more creative possibilities for your designs.

Improved spell checker

The spell checker has been comprehensively reworked and now operates significantly more accurately and precisely.

Bug fixes

A number of past issues have been corrected and should now no longer occur.

August 2021

Smart Layout diagrams

Quickly and easily adapt charts to meet your needs thanks to Smart Layout technology.

Improved text flow

The improved text flow in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer makes editing lengthy documents even easier.

1020+ Google fonts

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer now offers twenty additional Google fonts which you can activate and use for free.

15 timelines

You can now choose from 15 timelines in the Online Content Catalog*, which enable you to clearly visualize growth trends and development.

35 charts

You can choose from 35 different chart templates now available in the Online Content Catalog.

March 2021

HiDPI support

The new HiDPI program interface is razor-sharp. So creating pixel-exact designs on your 4K monitor is a breeze.

Handles with a new look

The Shape tool now also features the modern handles.

PDF Editor 4.0

Editing PDF files is even more simple thanks to improved import and embedded font recognition.

Smart Duplication

Create vertical & horizontal patterns from objects with just one click and easily adjust its spacing.

1000+ Google fonts

Starting now, over a thousand different Google fonts can be activated for free with Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

155+ Facebook posts

The Online Content Catalog now features 155 diverse templates for Facebook posts.

95+ Instagram posts

There are now over 95 templates for Instagram posts in the Online Content Catalog*.

Over 105 Text Panels

Use one of the over 105 Text Panels from the Online Content Catalog* to highlight your important texts.

65+ Photo Panels

Showcase your photos with one of over 65 Photo Panels from the Online Content Catalog*.

20+ tables

Choose one of over 20 tables from the Online Content Catalog*.

15 charts

Share numbers, facts and figures using one of 15 charts from the Online Content Catalog*.

November 2020

New handles

Thanks to the new handles for the selection, SmartShapes and QuickShape tools, editing object is now even easier than before.

New rotation workflow

You can now rotate objects around a predefined point in the document.

Save settings

Starting now, your custom modifications in the program are now preserved – even when upgrading to a new version.

Improved SVG import

SVG files can now be imported in their original size and without empty elements.

Even more Google fonts

Modern fonts for your layout – activate 970 modern Google fonts in just one click now.

Photo Panels

Now, you can place the focus on your pictures with over 60 versatile photo panels from the Online Content Catalog.

More Text Panels

Highlight important texts or quotations with the new text panels. You can select from over 100 different variations.

More Facebook posts

Choose the perfect content for your social media presence from over 125 different Facebook posts in the online content catalog.

More Instagram posts

The online content catalog now also includes over 65 Instagram posts to help you attract the attention of your online community.

More tables

Using one of over 15 different table templates, you'll be able to present your figures, data & key points in the best possible way.

More charts

Present numbers and correlations clearly and attractively – this is no problem at all with one of the nine different diagrams int the online content catalog.

March 2020

Up to 20% more accurate file import

Import .ppt(x), .doc and .pdf files up to 20% more accurately for better display of their contents.

Custom object embedding

Objects can now be dragged and dropped onto text to embed them. The text flow will change automatically to fit the object's new position.

Paragraph designer

With the paragraph designer you can create aesthetic title pages, heading and paragraphs.

Tab leaders

Use tab leaders to guide visitors to your site through your tables, folders and from one column to the next in menus.

Even more Google fonts

Browse over 640 Google fonts to find the perfect one for your designs.

More templates for Facebook posts

The Online Content Catalog now features 80 diverse templates for Facebook posts.

November 2019

Invitations & holiday cards

Create stunning invitations and festive greeting cards to send to family, friends and clients.

Festive social media templates

Entertain your followers with fun social media posts during the Christmas holiday season and spread festive cheer!

Colorful lines

Emphasize text in brand new ways: You can now highlight text passages or entire lines using color. There's lots of new creative possibilities with this design option!

Automatic cropping

Are your designs finished and ready for printing? Print layout can be seamlessly managed using Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. This way you can easily submit the PDF/X of your design to a copy center and receive the exact prints you want!

Line charts

Use helpful grid lines to present data trends in clear line and bar charts. With rotating elements and lots of additional smart functions, you can customize your charts to perfection.

Save angle when rotating objects

When you rotate an object, the exact angle now displays even if you stop holding the object clicked. This way you always know the exact angle of rotation for an object.

Improved text selection

With new, improved text selection, words and text passages can now be easily selected by double-clicking and dragging.

June 2019

New Text shape filler function

The Text shape filler has been optimized: Text added to a shape or graphic will now automatically adjust to the font size there.

Object SVG export

SVG graphics are vector-based, meaning they can be scaled without loss in quality. These are ideal for responsive websites.

More Smart Text Panels

More Smart Text Panels have been added, which can be used to put the focus on important text or quotations.

Even more Smart Photo Panels & Frames

The range of Smart Photo Panels and Frames that can be used to feature people on websites or highlight photos on flyers and brochures has been extended.

More Smart Labelled Lines

Now, there are also even more Smart Labelled Lines that are perfect for line breaks, titles, or as a ruler for technical drawings.

March 2019

Smart Photo Panels & Frames

Choose from over 70 new Smart Photo Panels and Frames to create invitations, certificates or vouchers. You can use these to highlight the best aspects of your photos.

Arrow SmartShapes

The new Arrow SmartShapes are fully flexible and simple to use. You can customize the length, curve, width and line style of the arrow as required. This enables you to create the exact kind of arrow you need.

Labeled Lines

The new Smart Labelled Lines are perfect for headings and separation graphics, but also as a ruler for technical drawings. Simply paste your text or unit of measurement and the line will automatically adjust to fit the inserted content.


Easily create modern and stylish invitations or social media posts exactly the way you want with customizable trapezoids, parallelograms, wheels, pentagons and lots more!

Advanced OpenType functions

Make design projects a reality and create beautiful invitations: The new OpenType functions offer lots of new creative possibilities, such as individual letters, words or texts with eye-catching decorative elements.

Smart Text Panels

Perfect for social media posts or cards: The Smart Text Panels automatically adjust to fit entered text and are the perfect way to add emphasis to quotations or important sections of text.

Preview line widths

Adjust line widths in your design projects faster than ever before: The helpful preview shows line width changes in real time as you scroll through the options!

Knowledge Base

The Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Knowledge Base covers all questions regarding your product and offers help for any issues you might have.

October 2018

Magic Color Match

Design invitations, flyers or other documents personalized in your style. Simply insert a photo into any template and with one click adjust the entire document to the colors of the image.

Advanced OpenType Support

Give your designs that special touch with the new advanced ligature and stylistic set support. Live preview to see the effects immediately.’

Text Shape Filler

With the text field filler, text will automatically adjust to the size of the shape as you type. A new creative way to emphasize important information in your document.

The Text Case Tool

Decide where the focus should be. Lots of new and easy to apply options with a single click including ALL CAPS, all lower, Initial Caps and SMALL CAPS. A great way to highlight important headlines.

Page makeup

Simply correct unaesthetic line breaks to create a comfortable flow for reading and an orderly layout

Improved Table SmartShapes

Clear graphics and tables are key in important documents. Use the improved SmartShapes for tables to present your data convincingly.

PDF Editor 3.0

Have you ever wanted graphic elements from a PDF? Maybe a logo, photo or text. With Photo & Graphic Designer it’s now as easy as copy / paste!

CSV import

Now you can easily import CSV files into Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and visualize the data immediately in a clear pie chart.

August 2018

12 new social media templates

Give your business a boost online: Easily and quickly create catchy posts with the new social media templates. Simply come up with some text, use the template – then post online.

Templates are available in themes for a range of industries including business, security companies and delivery services. Keep your customers up-to-date on everything on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

Over 30 new Smart Shapes

Let your creativity run free with over 30 new Smart Shapes: With the new tables, layouts, shapes and text fields, you can create brilliant advertisements, modern flat designs and vivid informational graphics in no time at all.

April 2018

Creative SmartShapes

Our most sought-after user request: Smart Shapes Create impressive design elements without the need for a designer. The size, color and shape of each SmartShape can be easily modified.

Flat design

Create impressive designs with text: Simply choose a Smart Shape, add text and position using special handles - finished!

SmartShapes for tables

The new Smart Shapes for tables enable you to easily create business tables and tailor them to your ideas thanks to flexible arrangement and scaling for lines and columns.

November 2017

Magic Resize for social media posts

Thanks to Magic Resize, you don't have to make endless posts for Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Simply drag one post into the right size category without distorting the images.


From CYMK to RGB: Work in any color space

Do your flyers, photos and other projects never look in print as they do on the computer?

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key) support and color adjustment in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer will solve this problem.

Multitalent: Freely select file formats

Anyone who works with multiple graphics programs knows this: Incompatible file formats You can import, edit and export countless file formats with Photo & Graphic Designer.

You can easily exchange documents and photos with colleagues and friends, with no limitations!

Now includes over 1 million archive photos & illustrations

You'll find pure inspiration in the Online Content Catalog with its massive collection of stock photos and illustrations from various artists.

All images are free and can be used for commercial purposes. Find the perfect material for your next project.

Fantastic social media templates

With 12 new themes such as "Business", "Fashion", "Sport", "Nature", "Restaurant" and "Travel", the new Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is waiting for social media.

Cool extra: All templates can be automatically adjusted in size.

Helpful smart shapes

Even more Smart Shapes. Even more creative possibilities. Thanks to ready editable shapes, you can create timelines and flowcharts in no time at all.

Tip: There are Smart Shapes as various shapes, speech bubbles and text fields.

64-bit support

The 64-bit version of Photo & Graphic Designer makes it possible to work on complex documents with diverse components.

Multicore support

For noticeably higher performance on the PC: Brand new multicore support in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer.

Create your own shortcuts

Quickly open tools and functions using fast shortcuts, making work easier and more efficient.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19 Realize your ideas easily
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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19 Realize your ideas easily
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