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Operation in Movie Edit Pro is unparalleled in its simplicity. Here you'll find all the functions for a simplified video editing workflow that allows even more time for unleashing your creativity.

Storyboard / Timeline

Everyone has their own preferred way of working. And Movie Edit Pro offers you choice: Decide on storyboard mode and your video will display in a visual layout, in a way that's similar to a screenplay. For more detailed editing of your video, switch to timeline mode with the track view.

Full track handling

Full track handling

Discover full flexibility for tracks – sort, rearrange and duplicate them any way you want, and delete, copy, cut and paste tracks freely. To structure your project on the visual level, you can also colorize tracks and objects.

Frame-precise keyframes

Frame-precise keyframes

Easily control the use of effects such as movement, color and speed effects by setting markers. This is a really intuitive way to work with scenes you want to place particular focus upon.

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Import, optimize, edit – the fastest way to start making your own movies. For extra support, you can use helpful wizards if you want. Fully automatic or customized to your exact needs. High-speed results, each and every time.

Multicam editing for up to 4 cameras

Perfect for events that are filmed simultaneously with multiple cameras. In multicam code, up to 4 recordings are played simultaneously in the preview monitor. You can simply click to define which recording should display, and when – Movie Edit Pro makes automatic cuts as you work.

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Find and close gaps

This helpful function does all the work for you – it automatically identifies and close gaps in your projects. When working with larger projects, in particular, it saves you a ton of time.

Video editing with real-time preview

Particularly helpful for viewing and making rough cuts when working with a large amount of video footage: Mouse-over the timeline and set edits directly in the real-time preview. You can also trim material in the same way. This way, there's more time for detailed customization and the final touches!

360° workflow

360° workflow

Movie Edit Pro is ready for your 360° videos – with a full package geared towards 360° video editing. Don't have a 360° camera yet? Then try out 360° camera pans in photo panoramas.

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Optimize videos

The latest version of Movie Edit Pro provides various options for optimizing those recordings that didn't turn out so well, as well as for correcting color or modifying the entire color scheme.

Professional video stabilization

Pro solution, simple workflow: Video stabilization in the program comes from professional video editing software VEGAS Pro and has been completely redeveloped for high-quality results – you can easily stabilize choppy footage with just one click.

Color Grading

With color grading, you can modify color – in contrast to color correction – to create a whole new effect with your video in an aesthetic way. The color grading feature in Movie Edit Pro is ultra-precise: Select the exact color hue that works with your video!

Deep Color

Deep Color

The current Movie Edit Pro now offers not just 8-bit, but 16-bit Deep Color for your editing workflow. This allows you for more detailed color grading than ever before. The results? Natural looking, brilliant images without distracting differences in color gradient.

Automatic shot match

Easily transfer the visual characteristics of your best videos to others in your project. The automatic shot match tool enables you to level up video colors, brightness and contrast to match your best footage. Copy the look of your favorite movie, or design your own from scratch.

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Movie looks

Movie Edit Pro offers pre-made film looks for creating a specific color scheme and atmosphere for your footage. Simply click to apply any style to your desired video.

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Create videos

Effects are a popular way to make videos more entertaining or informative. They captivate viewers, draw attention to certain details and can be used to convey essential information. Movie Edit Pro offers the right effect for any kind of project – browse the selection now!

1,500 effects, titles and transitions

1,500 effects, titles and transitions

The new effects area guarantees real variety. Discover high-quality intros/outros, titles, effects transitions, editing templates and travel effects. Plus, we're constantly adding exciting new content.

Dynamic title animations

The new, dynamic title templates can add a really fresh touch to your videos. They're high-quality, detailed, adjustable in both size and style and can be combined with the new fonts to perfectly suit your footage.

Layer masks

A range of diverse layer masks can be used to highlight film motifs, achieve creative image compositions, or design aesthetic titles. Breathtaking effects and transitions for your films are the result.

Exclusively in Plus | Premium

Dynamic slow motion and time lapse effects

The only thing that's slow about Movie Edit Pro: slow motion! Achieve breathtaking slow motion effects and time lapse effects in your videos by modifying speed. Movie Edit Pro creates new intermediate frames between images, so even videos with lower frame rates play smoothly at lower speeds.

Travel Maps

With our own in-house development, MAGIX Travel Maps, you can now make your travel routes more impressive than ever before: Choose from nine maps or import your own and access a massive selection of locations, waypoints and transport types. All stops on your journey can now be represented using photos and titles.

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Impressive performance

Your ideas take top priority. And Movie Edit Pro lets you make them a reality in high quality, fast. Unleash your creativity without being hampered by slow loading times and juddery playback.


Movie Edit Pro now has a new engine – INFUSION Engine 2! This makes the biggest leap in Movie Edit Pro performance in years noticeable right away.* The new engine offers support for graphics cards from industry leaders Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. The result is ultra-smooth project previews in realtime while editing – which frees up even more time for creating better videos.

* INFUSION Engine 2 supports video acceleration for AVC and HEVC on Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs with Intel Graphics HD 630, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 and AMD Radeon RX470 or higher.

8K support

8K Ultra HD support

Movie Edit Pro is now 8K ready. Cut, edit and share your videos in the highest image quality – INFUSION Engine 2 now allows the playback of even 8K material in realtime.

Wide range of formats

Movie Edit Pro offers support for all standard camera and smartphone models and a range of output formats. For an overview of supported formats, see the Specifications.

Format support for import

Format support for import

The timeline in Movie Edit Pro is compatible with all formats. This means you can load any kind of format to the program and can also mix different formats. In addition, you can edit all kinds of device recordings from action cams to camcorders and smartphones to drones in Movie Edit Pro without a problem!

Format support for export

Format support for export

There's also a wide choice of export formats, too. This way you can be sure that you'll be able to display your finished project on any playback device, share it on social media and burn it to Blu-ray Disc.

Exclusive premium add-on

Just like last year's edition, the Premium version offers an exclusive add-on with the same effects used by movie studios.

NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate

27 innovative video filters and over 250 templates allow for professional color grading, detailed color correction and creating highlights in your footage. All templates can now be applied to videos with a click, and effects supplied by video filters can be modified any way you want. Apply dramatic film looks, or develop your own look.

Included effect packs: NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus | Recreate | Recolor | ColorFast 2

£269 value

Premium version plug-ins are included upon purchase of new software or extension of the Update Service, or when you upgrade. Program language for plug-in is English.

Exclusively in Premium

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022 (EDU)
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2022 (EDU)
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  • Up to 900 effects, titles, templates & transitions
  • Easy color correction
  • Professional image stabilization
  • Burn DVDs & Blu-ray discs
  • New! INFUSION Engine 2 for unparalleled performance
  • New! Edit and export 8K Ultra HD video