All-in-one multimedia solutions
for today’s education system

Pupils, students, schools, universities and non-profit organizations use multimedia in different ways and thus have different needs. This is only natural considering that teaching thrives on diversity, even in the multimedia field.

That is why MAGIX offers multimedia software for the areas of video, music, web and design, as well as comprehensive software packages, which are the perfect solutions for the special requirements of modern education and can easily be integrated into the curriculums of primary schools, high schools and colleges.

Let our ideas bring new inspiration into your learning environment and choose the software that will help you achieve your educational goals.

  • Using multimedia software in your lessons is a great way of motivating students to think creatively about the course content. It also provides them with skills that can be extremely helpful later in their working lives.
  • Enrich your lectures and seminars with multimedia content and enable your students to create their own professional quality productions.
  • The software is also great for all kinds of extra-curricular multimedia projects and can be used to design all the promotional and PR material for your institution.

License models

Our license models are flexible, i.e. schools are free to choose the amount of licenses they require. Site licenses are available from 5 seats.

If you need a quotation for your school, please contact us -  we will be happy to assist.

License deployment

Depending on your school's infrstructure, you can choose between local and network deployment. Please note that network versions are not available for every software program.

If your schools works with BYOD (bring yur own device), please feel free to ask for that solution as well.

Payment options

Bank transfer, Credit card, check, Paypal. You will receive an invoice for your purchase in any case.