November 23, 2017

The new Xara Web Designer – New features at a glance

In the last years, Web Designer has established a loyal fanbase. And it’s no wonder. No other program lets you create a custom website so easily and without requiring previous experience.

It works according to the “what you see is what you get” principle, so that you design your own website using the program’s templates and wide range of editing options directly in preview mode. Regularly updated templates from the comprehensive Online Content Catalog let you create a fresh look – from templates for an entire website to buttons, graphics and photos, you’ll find everything you need for a modern website. All items are fully customizable and can be edited by users.
This means that even when using templates, your own website is guaranteed to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Easy to use – unique results

In the clearly laid-out overview, you can design your website from scratch or access templates from the Online Content Catalog. Whether you have a microsite, website or blog in mind, our templates offer crisp design and beautiful, dynamic effects. You’re sure to find the right template for your project. The Premium version contains 24 brand new templates! The Online Content Catalog lets you access more than 1 million photos and illustrations for personal or commercial use.

Another novelty are the 10 photo filter overlays. Whether you want to create the look of an analog film or true Hollywood glamour, with the photo filters you can produce unique and individual effects. All photo filters can be freely combined with each other.

For a consistent online presence both on your website and social media, use the new Magic Resize tool. Create Facebook collages and customize formats for Instagram with just a few clicks. The image sections are automatically adjusted and text or graphic elements are scaled perfectly.

The new version also offers a number of new templates for the Smart Shapes, which can easily be edited. Special handles enable you to edit them easily and in no time at all – perfect for timelines, speech bubbles, flow charts, shapes such as stars, arrows and more.

Professional use: Create interactive presentations

Did you know that with Xara Web Designer Premium you can create presentations with animated transitions between different slides and embedded multimedia content? Here too, you can choose from a huge number of templates, or create everything yourself. New designs “Water”, “Travel” and “Business” offer the ideal look look for a presentation for your next meeting. It’s perfect for anyone who makes business presentations frequently and wants them to linger in the memory.

Curious about the program? Order your copy of the new Web Designer now.

Or want a trial run first? Download the free 30-day trial version here and try Web Designer out for yourself!