Xara Designer Pro X 19:
The Success Story

Update history

August 2021

Smart Layout diagrams

Quickly and easily adapt charts to meet your needs thanks to Smart Layout technology.

ICC color profile support

The new ICC color profile support allows you to see the exact colors of your prints on screen.

Improved text flow

Thanks to improved text flow, it's now even easier to edit lengthy documents with Xara Designer Pro X.

1,020+ Google fonts

Starting now, activate and use over a 1,020 Google fonts for free with Xara Designer Pro X.

WebP import & export

Starting now, use the WebP format to compress photos and graphics on your web pages without any loss of quality.

Open Graph support

Open Graph support allows you to edit the metadata of your websites to customize the text in social media previews.

15 timelines

Now, choose from 15 timelines in the Online-Content-Catalog*, which enable you to clearly visualize growth trends and development.

35 charts

Browse through 35 different chart templates now available in the Online-Content-Catalog.

March 2021

HiDPI workspace

Create pixel-exact designs on your 4K monitor in the new, razor-sharp HiDPI workspace.

PDF Editor 4.0

Enjoy improved imports of PDF files starting now with PDF Editor 4.0. And fonts used in files are displayed.

Handles with a new look

The shape tool now also features the modern handles.

Smart Duplication

Create vertical & horizontal patterns from objects and elements with just one click.

Header & footer designs for layout

The new header and footer designs are automatically placed at the beginning and end of pages, where they automatically match to fit the size of your document.

1000+ Google fonts

Starting now, activate over a thousand different Google fonts for free with Xara Designer Pro.

155+ templates for Facebook posts

The Online Content Catalog now features 155 diverse templates for Facebook posts.

95+ templates for Instagram posts

There are now over 95 templates for Instagram posts in the Online Content Catalog*.

125+ templates for presentations

Find over 125 templates for presentations in the Online Content Catalog*.

Over 105 Text Panels

Use one of the over 105 Text Panels from the Online Content Catalog* to highlight your important texts.

65+ Photo Panels

Showcase your photos with one of over 65 Photo Panels from the Online Content Catalog*.

15 different charts

Share numbers, facts and figures with ease using one of 15 charts from the Online Content Catalog*.

November 2020

New handles

Simple object editing – thanks to the new handles for the selection, SmartShapes and QuickShape tools.

Save settings

And now your personalized settings will be kept, even if you upgrade to a new version.

Improved SVG import

SVG files can now be imported in their original size and without empty elements.

Improved HTML export

Bitmap files are now converted to vector graphics during HTML export. This ensures a better Google rankings for your website & a pleasant browsing experience for your website's visitors.

Footer designs

Footer designs are automatically placed at the end of a document & automatically match your existing design.

Improved table feature

Thanks to the new Tab Key support, you can easily navigate through in the new Xara Designer Pro X.

Even more Google fonts

Xara Designer Pro X now offers 970 Google fonts for more creative freedom. Activate for free and start using them right away!

New supersite preview

With the clearly arranged supersite Preview, you can present awkward content to your website's visitors in an attractive and downloadable format.

New rotation workflow

With the new rotation workflow, you can easily rotate objects intuitively around any point in the document.

Even more website templates

The Online Content Catalog* now contains more than 250 website design templates.

Footer designs

Now you can professionally put the final touches on your web & print designs in no time with the footers from the online content catalog.

Even more presentations

Let your ideas take center stage – with one of over 110 templates for presentations in the online content catalog.

Photo Panels

The Online Content Catalog now offers over 60 diverse photo panels.

More Text Panels

Put the focus on important quotes – with over 100 text panels.

More tables

More than 15 different table templates are now available in the online content catalog so that you can present data and key points clearly.

More charts

Present data and connections clearly and professionally with one of nine different diagrams from the Online Content Catalog.

More Facebook posts

The right post for every occasion – browse from the over 125 facebook post templates available in the Online Content Catalog.

More Instagram posts

Be present on social media – find over 65 templates for Instagram posts in the Online Content Catalog.

March 2020

InDesign file import

Designer Pro X now lets you import and edit InDesign files.

Improved file import

More accurate import for .ppt(x), .doc and .pdf files.

Even more Google fonts

Give your text a unique look. Choose from over 640 different Google fonts.

Fill characters

The expanded table function now lets you use fill characters to make tables of contents and menus easier to navigate.

Paragraph designer

The paragraph designer lets you create attractive layouts for title pages and paragraphs.

Optimized image data

Add alt text to pictures and graphics to improve their visibility in search engines.

Optimized links

Use NoFollow links to prevent links to other websites from negatively impacting your Google ranking.

Custom object embedding

Objects can now be dragged and dropped onto text to embed them.

Even more e-book templates

The Online Content Catalog* now features ten different templates for e-books.

Even more website templates.

The Online Content Catalog* now contains more than 240 templates for modern websites.

More templates for facebook posts

The right post for every occasion – with over 80 facebook post templates, the Online Content Catalog* has something for everyone.

October 2019

Templates for e-books

Create e-books from your written content and captivate your customers and readers! Xara Designer Pro X now includes five modern e-book designs for you to choose from, so you can present your work in a new, entertaining and informative way.

Festive social media templates

The holidays are just around the corner. Your social media posts are guaranteed to stand out and bring a smile to the faces of your followers with these festive templates.

Templates for invitations & holiday cards

Special greetings: Create stunning invitations and festive greeting cards to send to clients, as well as family and friends.

Line charts

So clear! Clearly present important findings and data trends in line diagrams. Grid lines help you to display your data neatly, the X-axis headings can be rotated as you wish, Y-values can be moved with just one click – and much more!

Save angle when rotating objects

When you rotate an object, the exact angle now remains visible even if you stop holding it clicked. This way you'll always know the exact angle of rotation for all objects.

Automatic cropping

Create your designs 100% according to your original ideas and Xara Designer Pro X will completely handle the cropping process automatically. This way you can easily submit the PDF/X of your design to a copy shop and receive exactly tailored prints!

Colorful lines

Want to put extra emphasis on a few text passages? Now, you can highlight lines and paragraphs with color. That way, they're guaranteed to be noticed and your texts will look even more creatively designed.

Improved text selection

With new, improved text selection, words and text passages can now be easily selected by double-clicking and dragging.

June 2019

Dynamic Web Variants

The new "Dynamic Web Variants" option automatically scales content within each web variant so that it fits the width of the screen or browser, meaning your website can be viewed better on different devices.

New Text shape filler function

The Text shape filler has been optimized: Text added to a shape or graphic will now automatically adjust to the font size there.

Automatic Text Panels

Save even more time when creating documents: Use "Automatic Text Panels" to store frequently used text such as name and address details for adding to any document with a single click.

Object SVG export

SVG graphics are vector-based, meaning they can be scaled without loss in quality. These are ideal for responsive websites.

More Smart Text Panels

More Smart Text Panels have been added, which can be used to put the focus on important text or quotations.

Even more Smart Photo Panels & Frames

The range of Smart Photo Panels and Frames that can be used to feature people on websites or highlight photos on flyers and brochures has been extended.

More Labeled Lines

Now, there are also even more Smart Labelled Lines that are perfect for line breaks, titles, or as a ruler for technical drawings.

March 2019

Even more OpenType features

New OpenType functions (Swashes, Titling & Stylistic Alternates) offer even more options for eye-catching typography. This way, you can make individual characters, words or entire sections really stand out.

Smart Text Panels

Create brochures, websites and flyers: The new Smart Text Panels enable you to make important text or quotations pop. These adjust to perfectly fit the length of your text.

Smart Photo Panels & Frames

Discover over 70 new Smart Photo Panels & Frames for your projects. These are a popular way of presenting people on websites or highlighting photos on flyers and brochures.

Arrow SmartShapes

The new Arrow SmartShapes enable you to create customized arrow shapes exactly the way you need: Adjust the arrows for width and line style as well as length and curvature.

Labeled Lines

As a hyphen, title or a line for technical drawings: The eight new Labeled Line SmartShapes are fully flexible and adjust their size to fit when text is inserted, or to the length of a unit of measurement.


Tons of new SmartShapes: Use fully customizable trapezoids, parallelograms, wheels, pentagons and more to create modern designs for social media posts, flyers or invitations.

Preview line widths

Modify lines faster than before: The practical preview feature displays changes to line width in real time as you scroll though the selection options.

Guide for creating cookie notifications

How is a cookie notification created? This guide includes all the information you need for setting up a cookie notification on your website.

Knowledge base

Find out everything you need to know: Browse a huge collection of articles that will help answer your questions about Xara Designer Pro X.

October 2018

Magic Color Match

For a perfect match between design and photo, use the new Magic Color Match feature to generate an entire color spectrum from a photo in a single click. You can then use this as a basic foundation for your graphics, illustrations or documents.

Advanced OpenType font support

Xara now supports advanced OpenType features such as Stylistic Sets, Contextual Alternates and more. And it includes live preview – just hover over the OpenType feature menu and you can preview the effects immediately.

Text Shape Filler

Be more creative than ever. Text will automatically adjust and fit into any shape you are working with. A perfect combination for any document.

The Text Case Tool

Lots of new & easy to apply options including ALL CAPS, all lower, Initial Caps and SMALL CAPS. It’s a great time saver!

Page makeup

Goodbye to non-aesthetic formatting! The page makeup feature allows you to easily format text and avoid widows and orphans.

Improved Table SmartShapes

Bring your productivity to a whole new level with enhanced table SmartShapes, which let you work more efficiently. With an even wider range of possibilities for design, you can create even clearer tables for your websites, flyers and documents!

PDF Editor 3.0

Thanks to improved text and object recognition, grabbing a logo, photo or text from a PDF is now as easy as copy/paste. What’s more: All vector design elements remain fully scalable, editable and may be colored.

CSV import

Directly import CSV files in easy-to-understand pie charts and tables and present your data clearly across all your documents.

June 2018

New template for:

Create buzz about your food store online! This website template has been specially designed for the current "superfood" trend and with freshness and vitality in mind.

This way you can communicate your vision and what you offer to customers, even before they visit your store.

New templates for:
Yoga & wellness

Body and soul, in harmony: Yoga and well-being offers should radiate tranquility from your website in order to attract potential customers. Use our website templates for inspiration, or simply use them as they are.

Whichever you choose, your business will benefit as a result.

New templates for:
Restaurants & delivery services

Are you valued by your regulars, but want to attract new customers? Use flyers, presentations and social media posts to boost your restaurant or delivery service business.

The new templates can be easily customized to your needs and are based on culinary themes.

New templates for:
Sport & energy drinks

Fitness is your passion, whether you run a local sport studio or have a fitness blog. Advertise your latest courses or new protein and energy drinks with flyers or presentations.

Keep your customers up-to-date with the latest developments in fitness and health.

New website templates

For lawyers and software companies

New flyer & social media templates

For (security) companies

New presentation templates

For florists and garden centers

Brand new: SmartShapes

Discover more than 20 new SmartShapes: With new tables, layouts, shapes and text boxes, there's plenty of creative freedom for your ideas.

Especially popular: Create your own modern flat designs by adding text to SmartShapes or images.

March 2018

SmartShape text

Create the perfect flat design. From now on, there's no need for complicated formatting to get text to fit into a certain shape.

Simply choose a SmartShape, add your text and then use the special handles to move it to the right position.

Creative SmartShapes

Make your ideas a reality without the need for a professional designer! The selection of new SmartShapes can be used for presentations, flyers, websites and much more.

Modify size and color, add text and your design is finished.

SmartShapes for tables

Our most sought-after customer request is now available – SmartShape tables.

Creating tables for your business has never been easier – lines and columns can be easily moved using handles, re-arranged and resized.

New website templates

Discover new culinary-themed templates for starting your own food blog or creating an Internet presence for a cafe.

New presentation templates

Whether your want to share your adventures in the great outdoors or enhance visibility for your consultancy firm, these new templates help you give your online presence the perfect format.

New social media templates

Want to boost your social media presence? Choose one of our new templates for industries including car sales, fitness logistics and more.

December 2017

Magic Resize for social media posts

Easily convert Facebook posts for other platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Magic Resize lets you scale text and images to the perfect size.

Huge image collection

Discover the Online Content Catalog* with over 1 million freely available stock photos, graphics and illustrations that are easy-to-use.

New website templates

Whether you have a microsite, website or blog in mind, our templates offer crisp, clear design and breathtaking effects. You're sure to find the right template for your project here.

New presentation templates

Does your presentation feel like it's missing something? Want to add graphics or create a unified layout? Select from a high-quality range of material for presentations – including new designs Water, Travel and Business!

New social media templates

New social media templates are included for Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. Not only do they look great, they're automatically adjustable in terms of size.

New flyer templates

Want to create and print high-quality flyers, leaflets or brochures? Our templates for newsletters and flyers can be perfectly customized to your needs and are available in 12 new designs!

New templates for letters

With Xara Designer Pro, you can create letters with pre-defined forms or from scratch. There's something to suit every taste.

July 2017

New photo filters overlays

Discover impressive new photo filters that are freely combinable and enable you to create truly unique effects.

Fantastic design templates

The wide collection of templates offers the perfect base for demanding design projects.

Attractive sample flyer

Design top-notch brochures and flyers for products, companies and events.

Further improvements and new features

SmartShapes for timelines and planning processes, improved import of PowerPoint documents, optimized import and export for Word and PDF documents and improvements to list editing.

April 2017

Panorama photo slider

First impressions are key! From now on, you can use the full width of your monitor for your slideshows and make your website an absolute eye-catcher. This way, your images will be presented in just the right way to complete your website's message with an artistic statement.

Expand the slider any way you want – either with a prominent call-to-action button or a customized header.

Over 100 photo filters

Now with a total of over 100 photo filters, you can add special improvement to your photos with just one click.

Multiple filter combination

Combine different filters to make your images really stand out.

Other improvements

Support for OpenType font ligatures, new SmartShapes for timelines, improved selection tools for SmartShapes and photo editing, improved PowerPoint import, optimized import and export for Word and PDF documents, improvements to text and list editing and improved HTML export.

Xara Designer Pro X 19
Xara Designer Pro X 19
Xara Designer Pro X 19
Xara Designer Pro X 19 The design suite for bringing your ideas to life
Xara Designer Pro X 19 The design suite for bringing your ideas to life
Xara Designer Pro X 19 The design suite for bringing your ideas to life
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  • Precise image editing
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  • Vector-based graphic design
  • Precise image editing
  • State-of-the-art web design
  • Professional desktop publishing

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What is Xara Designer Pro X?

Xara Designer Pro X is a comprehensive design suite that combines desktop publishing, image editing, illustration and graphic & web design in a single solution.

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