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Your own photos, design or website
just as unique as you are.

Present yourself, your projects and your ideas however you want. Design your website just how you want it, without any of the limitations of normal website building block programs.

Xara Web Designer Premium (EDU)Xara Web Designer Premium (EDU)
Xara Web Designer Premium (EDU)

Xara Web Designer Premium lets you easily create high-quality websites without any previous programming experience. Simply select a template, modify the text and add photos and videos – and you’re done! Drag & drop to design websites your way and get inspired by the huge range of stock photos, graphics, photo filters and more in the Online-Content-Catalog.

Rs 3,655
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Xara Designer Pro X (EDU)Xara Designer Pro X (EDU)
Xara Designer Pro X (EDU)

Xara Designer Pro X delivers a unique combination of desktop publishing, web design, image editing and graphic design. The integrated Online-Content-Catalog offers countless web and print templates, stock photos, graphics and effects. Powerful design tools are combined in an intuitive program interface that will revolutionize your workflow.

Rs 10,950
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