SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3
Rescue Your Vinyls The professional solution for cleaning and restoration

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  • Digitization, cleaning & restoration
  • 64-bit technology & VST3 interface
  • 8 audio tracks
  • NEW! Audio cleaning with iZotope RX 7 Elements
  • NEW! Mastering with iZotope Ozone 9 Elements
  • NEW! WaveColor

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 2
Advanced audio technology for clean recordings

For the cleanest of sounds
iZotope RX 7 Elements

RX 7 Elements from the industry pros at iZotope is the optimal tool for quickly and easily removing unwanted noise, "s" sounds, clicks and other elements from your audio files. Includes four outstanding noise removal modules: De-click, De-clip, De-hum and Voice De-noise.


The De-Click module automatically identifies and removes clicks, pops and digital impulse noise which can negatively impact your listening experience. Digital defects, mouth noises and ringing telephones are a thing of the past now.


The De-clip module repairs both digital and analog clipping artefacts and reduces distortion on audio recordings. Perfect for concerts, interviews and other recordings which can't be re-recorded.


The De-hum module in RX 7 Elements automatically identifies the fundamental frequency of unwanted humming and removes it from your audio, ensuring you get clean sound without electric noise.

Voice De-noise

Perfect for home studios and optimized for music: Voice De-Noise reduces unwanted background noise on vocal recordings. Flawed recordings can be restored in real time with this module.

The future of mastering
iZotope Ozone 9 Elements

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to quickly and easily master music, records and audio files – with iZotope Ozone 9 Elements. Create different masters for streaming, radio or CD.

Master Assistant

AI-assisted mastering: The Master Assistant is a flexible tool that scans your audio material and analyzes how it's mixed. It then uses this data to create a unique sound profile for the material and suggests a range of parameter settings for mastering it.


The Maximizer is a mastering limiter with multiple modes of the transparent iZotope limiter algorithm. Get less pump at higher volumes and reduce clipping when the audio level goes up.

New Imager

The Imager let's you precisely set the stereo width for your master. Thanks to its two Stereoize modes, you can easily add more depth and a natural stereo effect to mono audio files and mixes which have a very closed, narrow feel to them.

New equalizer

Control all of the fine details of your sound to create your master – with the equalizer and the new HUD controls. Extremely smooth metering and a re-sizable window let you see more of your sound.

Native Instruments NKS Support

Native Instruments NKS Support

Make music and master it at the same time: Record music using Native Instruments hardware like Maschine or Komplete Kontrol and add professional mastering at the same time – with hundreds of presets and parameters matched to your hardware controller.



The innovative WaveColor tool adds a new dimension to your waveform display through the use of succinct colors, giving you an overview of what your project sounds like. With WaveColor, pitches and sound characteristics are assigned different colors and saturation levels to make it easy to see what's happening in the waveform.

Easily identify important parts of your project and take advantage of a vivid and convenient way to stay oriented while you work.

All features in
SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab


Record audio media

Professional studio quality: Record individual tracks, entire albums or voice-overs quickly and easily.

Import CDs

Transfer your albums, singles and EPs to your computer. Title information and CD covers are automatically retrieved for original CDs.

Import for video sound

New, more efficient algorithm: Import video files and start editing the audio track right away.


Spectral Display

The various frequencies of the audio track can be visualized. This allows for precise removal specific noises.

Preview function

When you select a range in the spectral display, you can preview to hear what the range sounds like after cleaning and compare it to the original.

Auto Cleaning

This feature makes suggestions for improving audio based on an analysis of your audio signal. Any suggested improvements can be adjusted.


Helpful presets: Easily remove unwanted sounds like noise, or traffic noise with the help of over 360 presets.

Advanced effects editing

The program offers direct access to all effect parameters for sound optimization in audio editing and mastering.

Remove crackling from LP tracks

Crackling can be quickly and easily removed from vinyl with presets for different strength levels.

Clipping reduction

Prevent clipping during recording or remove it in post production with the help of the limiter and DeClipper to account for varying levels of volume.

Smartphone audio

Access diverse presets for optimizing audio recordings made with your smartphone for enhanced results.

Stop the wind with the click of a button

Eliminate wind noise in no time at all using professional plug-ins and presets.

Remove camera noise

Get rid of noises from older camcorder models by using simple presets or your own customized adjustments.

Optimize speech recordings

Optimize the sound of speech with a few clicks and remove popping and hissing "s" sounds in voice recordings.

Audio editing

New! 8 tracks for audio montage

Create transitions and add audio commentary or sound effects to recordings. The 8 tracks provide plenty of space for comprehensive audio editing.

See what you hear

Work on the visual level with a spectroscope, peak meter, spectrogram, bit meter, correlation meter and direction meter

Time stretching & pitch shifting

Access one of the best algorithms in the world from zplane™ for adjusting pitch and speed. ....and access precise, virtually artifact-free results.

Range editing

Switch to range mode to select individual sections within a track and copy or edit them with a single click.

Object effects

Edit individual sections of a recording with different effects and settings to specifically remove noises, for instance.

Edit audio files

Explore the numerous audio editing features such as volume adjustments, individual editing techniques and working with automatic wizards.

Divide up recordings

The program automatically detects where one song ends and the next one begins, so you can select and skip the tracks on the finished CD.

Sublime transitions

Fade lines within the audio track enable you to quickly and easily adjust the volume. This lets you slowly fade in intros.

Batch processing

High efficiency: Optimize or export multiple songs or entire albums in one step. This lets you edit your entire music archive in one go.

CD covers & track info

Cover and track titles are automatically populated for original CDs and displayed when you play music on smartphones, MP3 players or music management programs.

Audio converter

Vinyl or CD, MP3 or OGG, WAV or AIFF: You can record in a range of formats, and burn CDs and convert audio files as well.

Optimize video sound

Perfect video sound

Enhance speech recordings and reduce background noise, wind noise or sibilants – a wide range of presets are included for removing all types of noise.

Preview Monitor

The preview monitor enables you to work on two monitors simultaneously, including in 4K. The ideal tool for synchronizing picture and sound.

Video Sound Optimizer

Click on your track and the Video Sound Optimizer will suggest the right effect settings for enhancing music or speech in your footage.

Video converter

Convert your video files with optimized sound into all standard formats. Movie formats such as MPEG-4 can easily be converted to WMV.

Media exchange

Transfer your audio or video projects with just a few clicks from SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab to any other video editing software.

Digital mastering

Music digitally remastered

Simply select the genre for your song and the Auto Mastering function selects the optimal audio settings for optimizing sound. Compare and preview results with other music styles such as jazz, 70s funk & soul or classic 80s pop.

Mastering package

Optimize and fine-tune the sound image of your audio material with just a few clicks. The new, parametric 6-band EQ module provides optimal sound for your productions. The StereoFX module expands the width of the stereo field and the MultiMax multiband compressor/limiter produces an authentic, warm sound image.

Effects Plug-ins

New! iZotope Ozone 8 Elements

Create different masters in no time with the convenient mastering wizards – like for streaming or radio, for example.

New! VST3 interface

Additional plug-ins from MAGIX or third-party providers can be easily integrated using the VST3 interface.


essentialFX is a collection of 6 professional effect plug-ins taken directly from the field of professional audio.

eFX Reverb

eFX Reverb contains everything you need for modulating reverb effects professionally - whether for short reflections or longer reverb.

eFX Gate

This plug-in only acts when the set audio signal occurs, for example, noise caused by two sources.

eFX Vocal Strip

Optimize speech and vocal recordings using the compressor, DeEsser and highpass filter for a maximum level of quality.

eFX Tube Stage

This plug-in simulates the sound of an analog tube amplifier and is ideal for creative distortion in speech recordings in audio books or videos.

eFX Chorus Flanger

Play around with sounds: Discover various custom settings for the classic flanger effect.

eFX DeEsser

This enables you to create a warmer, more characteristic sound by reducing sibilants and popping in speech and vocal recordings.

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3

SOUND FORGE Audio Cleaning Lab 3

This product cannot be shipped to your country currently.