October 27,  2017

MAGIX acquires global distribution for Xara desktop programs

MAGIX has been working in close collaboration with Xara for the past ten years and distributes the award-winning Xara Designer product line. Previously, Xara was responsible for program development and distribution of the English language versions of the software, while MAGIX oversaw program distribution in all other countries. Now, MAGIX will assume responsibility for the entire global distribution of Xara desktop programs. This will affect Xara Designer Pro XWeb DesignerFoto & Grafik Designer and Page & Layout Designer.

In addition to the continued development of the Xara Designer family, Xara will concentrate increasingly on new software for content creation and collaboration in the form of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

“Xara sees a massive opportunity to bridge the gap between business documents and professional design. As we rapidly grow this new solution, focus and execution will be paramount. The MAGIX team has a unique expertise in selling desktop software and we feel confident that they will service existing customers and develop new channels extremely well.”  – Xara CEO, Matt Bolton.

Further information regarding this cloud-based solution will be provided by Xara in the near future.

What does this mean for users?

The most important questions are answered:

Aren’t Xara and MAGIX Software already partners?

Yes. MAGIX, who has been partnered with Xara for over 10 years, has considerable expertise in the worldwide sales and support of desktop software. They have built up extensive knowledge of the Xara products in the many years that they have sold and supported the non-English language versions. We are now extending the benefits of this partnership to all Xara Designer users around the world.

Will the desktop products still be developed?

Absolutely! Release of exciting new features and performance improvements on the Xara Designer titles  will continue. In fact, desktop version 15 will be released in the next two months with customer requested features.

Will my login still work?

You will be able to continue to log in, purchase, upgrade or renew with the same email address and password for you Xara account.

If you have both a Xara account and a MAGIX account (i.e. you have previously purchased something from MAGIX), you should use the email address and password of your MAGIX account.

Once the Xara user data has been migrated, you will automatically receive the MAGIX Newsletter with information about Xara and MAGIX programs. If you’d prefer not to receive this, you can unsubscribe via the link in the newsletter.

Will my serial number still work?

Yes. Serial numbers will be unaffected as it is your activation record and Update Service status.

Who do I contact for customer support?

Xara will continue to work alongside MAGIX to ensure a seamless support service. Submit your tickets to the Magix Support Team on magix.com. The support resources (FAQs, etc.) at support.xara.comxara.com/resources and xaraxone.com will remain for the time being.

What about the Xara Affiliate Program?

Unfortunately, the Xara Affiliate program is now closed. However, the Xara products are already available in the MAGIX Affiliate program, which offers similarly attractive terms but more options and opportunities. Learn more about the MAGIX Affiliate Program here.