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Trap - Electro Trap
650 samples, 885 MB, 75 BPM

It's an absolute banger. Squeaking bass, arpeggiator-driven synth lines and drum kicks that will flatten speakers.

The sounds in this Soundpool have a ton of hit potential and are sure to make their way back into club tunes this year. Distorted vocal chops, sequencing loops turned up to the max and a whole range of material for building extensive drops and bass-heavy hooks. This is the ultimate Trap sound.

All audio files are available in lossless WAV format (16 bit/ 44.1 kHz/ Stereo) and can be used without a license for non-commercial purposes. Pro licenses for Soundpools can be found at catooh.com.

  • 147 bass loops
    21 loops in 7 pitches
  • 21 brass loops
    3 loops in 7 pitches
  • 7 drum kits with variations
  • 24 FX loops
    for all pitches
  • 35 FX loops
    5 loops in 7 pitches
  • 77 pad loops
    11 loops in 7 pitches
  • 105 sequence loops
    15 loops in 7 pitches
  • 7 strings loops
    1 loop in 7 pitches
  • 182 synth loops
    26 loops in 7 pitches