Music Maker 2019 Premium Edition
Music Maker 2019 Premium Edition More power. More sounds. More creative possibilities.
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  • Sounds, features & instruments worth a total value of $699.00
  • All free sounds, features & instruments in Music Maker
  • NEW! Includes multicore support
  • NEW! 8 software instruments of your choice
  • NEW! 3 preset packs
  • Includes VariVerb II and iZotope Ozone 8 Elements
  • NEW! 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice ($100.00 value)
  • NEW! 3 Complete Soundpool Bundles or Soundpools of your choice (a value of $19.99 per Soundpool)

The new Music Maker
Sounds good. Performs even better.

The new Music Maker is packed with even more tools and features than ever before, giving you more customization options and amazing sound.
And yes — it's still free!

The new audio engine.
Included in the new Music Maker.

Better sounding music — right away. And that's not only thanks to the Soundpools included in high-quality .wav format. We've also integrated the renowned audio engine from our professional DAW, Samplitude, into Music Maker.

Download the latest free version or purchase one of our special editions today to take advantage of this new technology. You can take your projects, features and instruments with you, no problem.

Included additionally in
Music Maker Plus Edition and up

NEW: Multicore support

New multicore support.

Improved performance you can feel so you can focus on what matters, making music. Multicore support (included in Music Maker Plus Edition and higher) enables your computer to make optimal use of all of its CPU cores.

Combined with the new audio engine, now you can make even more music with even better sound.

Included additionally in
Music Maker Premium Edition and up

With Music Maker Premium Edition, we want to give you a platform designed to take your projects, songs and creativity to a whole new level. That's why Music Maker Premium users not only get all new updates, but also all new features, effects and preset packs — guaranteed!

VariVerb II

VariVerb II
($199.00 value)

A must-have for any studio — now included in Music Maker Premium Edition. VariVerb II (short for Variable Reverb) is a top-class VST plugin for the acoustic design of reverb effects. The reverb created is calculated using complex reflection patterns and various software models. Plus, you can also create and modify your own plate, spring and non-linear reverb in addition to room reverb.

iZotope Ozone Elements 8

iZotope Ozone 8 Elements
($129.00 value)

Ozone 8 Elements is an intelligent mastering tool developed by the industry experts at iZotope. This tool lets you put the finishing touches on your mixes and produce radio and streaming-quality tracks. With machine learning and AI tech packed under the hood, Ozone 8 Elements makes it easy to get optimal mastering results with automated suggestions. But how you master your music is completely up to you, and it's easy to put your personal spin on Ozone Elements' suggestion with just a few clicks.

Other new features and highlights
in Music Maker Editions

Get started on the right foot:
Select 1 Soundpool Collection

Want to produce Urban beats? Or are you more into creating the ultimate chart hit? Choose one of the latest Soundpool Collections complete with thousands of loops and sounds from the Store.

Electro Pop – Melodic Pop
Ambient – Deep Horizon
House - House Nation
Hip Hop – Heavy Weight

Mix it:
Up to 3 Soundpools or Complete Bundles of your choice

Access regular new Soundpools and content directly in the built-in Music Maker Store — from Afrobeat to Zen sounds

Discover new underground trends, current chart music or soundtracks that match the hottest blockbusters.

And best of all: You can pick up to 3 Soundpools depending on the Edition you have.

Chart Hits - Uptown!
Score - Blades & Runners
Grime - Grimey!
Deep House - Bassdrum Echoes
Electro Pop - Melodic Pop
Ambient - Float To Infinity
Lounge - Fresh Up
Techno - Berlin Techno
Pop Rock - New World
Reggae - Peace, Love & Reggae
Soul - Downtown Soul
Trap - Electro Trap

Create an entire band:
Select up to 8 favorites from among 30 software instruments.

Analog synth classics, drum machines with a whole lot more boom, elegant string ensembles or distorted rock guitars: Select up to 8 instruments (Premium Edition) from a collection of over 30 software instruments.

Cinematic Synths

An extraordinary instrument for extraordinary sound: This virtual synthesizer provides a full range of effects modules for producing dark soundscapes and grating bass lines made to transport you to dark and unfamiliar places. Ideal for trap, soundtracks, electronic music and techno.

String Ensemble

This virtual instrument includes an entire ensemble of powerful, sweeping strings. These vary within the presets from historical, classic sounds to electronically manipulated string effects.


Classic choral arrangements, dark male voices, crystal-clear vocals sung by a female chorus and mixed-voice choirs. This virtual Choir instrument is outstanding as background support in a whole arrangement or to carry the melody line in a classical orchestra.

Pop Brass

Pop Brass provides modern horn sounds recorded by professional session musicians in a world-class studio. Whether you're looking to produce slick funk songs, tight Latino sounds or 20s swing numbers.

Electric Piano

This charismatic electric piano offers a unique palette of rich piano sounds for your productions, ranging from jazz to melodic blues to funky, distorted riffs.

Power Guitar

These high-adrenalin guitar sounds are the perfect addition to any rock or pop project! Comes packed with tons of presets and electric guitar sounds from heavy metal to reggae. Plus, a wide range of playing techniques make this instrument even more versatile.

Electric Bass

Provides the typical bass foundation in your song - whether fancy bass lines or subtle accompaniment, this bass will impress you with its great sound and ease of use.

Church Organ

Church Organ can be used to create an authentic, stirring sound for inclusion in soulful ballads, epic background music or melodic dance tracks. The imposing tones of a Venetian organ have been specially recorded for this virtual instrument.

Cinematic Soundscapes

This instrument is both intensely mystic and exotic and creates a breathtaking and dramatic sound for movie scores and abstract electronic music.

Concert Grand

A classical grand piano — sampled to a T. A powerful piano with clear and detailed tones. This classic instrument is based on recordings of a carefully selected concert piano made in an international concert hall. The piano's powerful sound shines through with clear, almost lyrical tones.

Rock Drums

A dynamic feel, practical editing features and room simulation serve as the rhythmic foundation for creating classic hard rock sounds — that's Rock Drums.


This virtual piano accordion comes in two different samples, "Styrian" and "Bandoneon". It's an elegant handheld instrument which has been accurately captured right down to the finest detail.

More features, audio effects and presets.
Special features and tools for your Music Maker.

Want to use your computer's full potential? How about VST interfaces? Not interested in 5.1 surround sound?

The new Music Maker lets you assemble the exact functions you want and customize everything to your needs. Each Edition lets you activate a number of features, which you can easily select and install via the built-in Music Maker Store.

Special features and tools for your Music Maker.
Special features and tools for your Music Maker.

At a glance:

  • The choice is yours: Build your own Music Maker with the components that matter to you
  • Sounds, features & instruments worth a total value of $699.00
  • More power. New audio engine and multicore support for even better music
  • The full version of Music Maker for free, plus free lifetime updates
  • The in-program Music Maker Store: Tons of Soundpools, instruments & more for you to choose from