Music Maker 2019 Premium Edition
Music Maker 2019 Premium Edition More power. More sounds. More creative possibilities.
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  • Sounds, features & instruments worth a total value of $699.00
  • All free sounds, features & instruments in Music Maker
  • NEW! Includes multicore support
  • NEW! 8 software instruments of your choice
  • NEW! 3 preset packs
  • Includes VariVerb II and iZotope Ozone 8 Elements
  • NEW! 1 Soundpool Collection of your choice ($100.00 value)
  • NEW! 3 Complete Soundpool Bundles or Soundpools of your choice (a value of $19.99 per Soundpool)

Music Maker
Tutorials and help

Do you want to know how to make your own beats? How to mix down your tracks in Music Maker? Or you're simply looking for a short introduction?

Then you've come to the right place.

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Introductory video

In this video, we'll show new users the basics in MAGIX Music Maker. We're using the basic free version, Music Maker Free, for this introduction.

Audio recording

Recording vocals or "real" instruments using a microphone is part of the music production process. And with Music Maker, it's easy. Find out how to record audio in this clip.

Draw MIDI notes

You can also play instruments by  simply drawing MIDI notes in the editor. In this clip, we'll demonstrate this more advanced technique. MIDI notes can be used to control not only software instruments, but external samplers and synthesizers too.

Music Maker Store

You can add new content to Music Maker at any time via the in-app Store. This clip shows you how to purchase and start using the additional instruments, Soundpools, program functions and full Music Maker Editions available in the Store.

Activating new content

Want to know how to activate sounds, features & instruments in Music Maker? Click here to learn how.

Soundpools in Music Maker

Here you can find out what a Soundpool is and how to use it optimally.

Software Instruments in Music Maker

The most important features and control options.


Share your songs, videos and tips & tricks for music production and recording techniques in the online community from MAGIX.


Short interviews and comprehensive tips from experts on how to best set up your computer for music production.


Successful Grammy award-winning music productions, interviews with artists, workshops and tutorials. Discover the creative freedom offered by MAGIX music software.