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MAGIX Fastcut

Download MAGIX Fastcut free and create action videos that will impress everyone. With this video editing software you will be able to create spectacular action scenes.

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Test the action-packed video editing software with the free trial

Videos are easy to edit thanks to automatic optimizations, impressive editing templates and special effects.

Create Perfect Action Videos

  • Spectacular Effects: Cinematic Templates
  • Slow Motion functions have never been so easy
  • The right sound for each film
  • Upload videos directly from the software
  • Professional video editing wizard
  • Correct wide-angle distortions easily e.g. fish-eye effect
  • Automatic video stabilization

Thanks to Fastcut you will be able to concentrate on your adventures without having to worry about light, blurring or any video-setting requirements. Audio will be optimized and images stabilized. Download MAGIX Fastcut now and design your adventures.

MAGIX Fastcut Try it now for free