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NewBlueFX effects packagesNewBlueFX effects packages

NewBlueFX – professional video effects

For all who want more: The NewBlueFX video effects bundles have become a fixture in many production companies. The combination of high-quality results and ease of use make NewBlueFX video effects the perfect choice for ambitious users who want to dive deeper into the world of professional video editing.

Note: in order to use the plug-ins you need MAGIX Movie Edit Pro (Version 17 and higher) or MAGIX Video Pro X (Version 3 and higher).

Effects package overview:

NewBlueFX ArtEffects
Kr 1 149

NewBlueFX effects package 1

The NewBlue Art Effects Bundle includes 10 creative video filters for creating movies full of effects. Add an artistic touch to your videos and turn them into hand-drawn animations, metallic shapes, airbrush pictures and much more.

Particularly suitable for: Music videos, animations and experimental films

Includes the following effects: Air brush, color melt, colorize, dream glow, duochrome, ghost, hand drawn, line drawing, metallic, pastel sketch

NewBlueFX FilmEffects
Kr 849

NewBlueFX effects package 2

Dull digital recordings are finally a thing of the past: With NewBlue Film Effects you can give your videos the look you've always wanted! Whether realistic simulations of professional movie material, atmospheric post-production or a flickering 8mm film look, the included templates help you turn your videos into high-quality movies in seconds!

Particularly suitable for: Feature and short films, music videos

Includes the following effects: Film camera, film damage, film express, film look, film pro

NewBlueFX MotionEffects
Kr 1 149

NewBlueFX effects package 3

Pure energy: NewBlue Motion Effects will add movement to footage shot with a tripod, creating movies just like the ones you know from the theater. Creating dynamic videos with slight swaying, strong shaking that simulates an earthquake or warping and focus effects has never been easier!

Particularly suitable for: Music videos, feature films, short films and experimental movies

Includes the following effects: Active camera, earthquake, motion blur, ripple, rolling waves, shear energy, spin, blur, warp, wiggle, zoom blur

NewBlueFX PaintEffects
Kr 1 149

NewBlueFX effects package 4

With the NewBlue Paint Effects Bundle you can give your videos a fun "cartoon" look and turn them into animated works of art! Thanks to over 130 templates, you'll never run out of ideas – surprise your family and friends with funny ideas and exciting effects over and over again!

Particularly suitable for: Family, company and travel videos

Includes the following effects: Cartoonr plus, charcoal, colored pencil, halovision plus, impressionist, mosaic, mural, oil, paper collage, pencil rubbing, posterize, water color

NewBlueFX Video Essentials
Kr 649

NewBlueFX effects package 5

The ultimate all-around solution for your movies: The NewBlue Video Essentials package prepares you for all tasks. Adjust colors and image sections with precision, enhance your footage by experimenting with sharpness, remove camera flash from your video and much more.

Suitable for all applications!

Includes the following effects: Color fixer plus, crop borders, detail enhancer, flash remover, pixelator, sharpen, soft focus, tint, touch up, video tuneup

NewBlueFX Video Essentials II
Kr 649

NewBlueFX effects package 6

Create technically perfect movies: NewBlue Video Essentials II offers you even more options for high-quality video editing. Professional chroma keying, color balance adjustment, individual vignetting, lens correction and many other features enable you to get the most out of your footage!

Suitable for all applications!

Includes the following effects: Chroma key, color EQ, color swap, lens correction, letterbox, noise reducer, picture-in-picture, rack focus, shadows & highlights and vignette

NewBlueFX Video Essentials III
Kr 649

NewBlueFX effects package 7

All-in-one: With 175 templates in 10 effect plug-ins, New Blue Video Essentials III offers even more solutions for common video editing problems. With just a few mouse clicks, you can correct rolling shutter effects of video DSLRs, smooth text edges, adjust the contrast range of your footage fully automatically, create split screens and much more in seconds.

Suitable for all applications!

Includes the following effects: Auto contrast, diffusion, dual booster, edge smoother, gradient tint, image mapper, proportion helper, rolling shutter, split screen, spotlight