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Audio Cleaning Lab 2016



Digitize old media

Record vinyls, cassettes, tapes and other media quickly and easily to your computer.

Voice recordings

Record your own audio commentary for podcasts, memos or presentations in studio quality.

Audio editing

Edit audio files

Edit your audio recordings simply with the mouse. In most cases they can be finished with just a click.

Automatic editing

Record your vinyls from start to finish. Each song is selected automatically and can easily be burned to CD or saved to PC as an individual track.

Fade in and out

Transitions are easy thanks to the user-friendly operation. Create transitions between different songs or other audio files with ease.

Convenient preview function

Simply click on one of the many presets in the effects and the automatic preview feature will immediately tell you if you made a suitable selection, independent of the style and intensity of the optimization.

Import CDs and track information

You can transfer CDs to your PC with just a few clicks. Artist and track information and even CD covers are automatically retrieved from the Internet for entire music albums and integrated into the file.

Audio converter with burn function

Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 supports all standard audio formats and enables you to convert audio files to MP3 or WAV formats, for example. Of course, you can also burn your files to CD or DVD.

Visible acoustics

Visible acoustics

Four different visual analysis tools help to identify problems with frequency and volume in your recordings.

  • Spectroscope & spectrogram: Visualize the acoustics of individual frequencies
  • Peak meters: Clippings and too low levels can be seen immediately
  • Phase oscilloscope: Shows you the distribution of the audio signal on the stereo channels

Audio repair

290 presets

Over 290 presets

The practical presets help to easily find problems in the audio – and the clearly structured interface means you won't have to search for long.

Distortions, crackling vinyl, hissing, cracks, humming, and any other noise can be reduced or removed quickly and easily.

Remove crackling from LP tracks

Optimize your vinyl recordings on your PC by using presets for different levels of crackling, for example.

Optimize the sound of speech

Improve speech intelligibility, reduce sibilants or adjust volume: Experience your speech recordings in high quality.

Dehiss cassettes

Reduce different levels of noise on your digitized tape recordings.

Optimum smartphone sound

Optimum smartphone sound

With presets for various models, brilliant sound for your recordings is only a click away.

Auto Cleaning

Choose the preset that works best with your audio material and with just a few clicks you can enjoy your music without annoying noise.

Sound optimization

Auto Mastering

Auto Mastering makes it possible to perfect the sound automatically for different musical genres.

You can use the new sound settings for direct comparison of different musical styles and previews.

Mastering effects

These fourth generation mastering effects provide professional sound and easy operation.

Optimize and fine-tune the sound image of your audio material with just a few clicks.

Object effects

With object effects, you can edit specific sections in your audio material.

Remove noise interference with precision and apply effects such as reverb and echo even to the smaller details.

Answers & support

Instant help

Instant help

The info box, an integrated direct help feature, offers useful information and helps you edit your recordings.

All the effects and their corresponding functions are clearly explained, allowing you to achieve optimum results without having to spend hours familiarizing yourself with the program. The program lives up to its reputation for being user-friendly.

Multimedia Community

At you'll find information and even complete workshops created by other users and experts about formats, editing techniques, special effects and much more.

And if you like, you can share your knowledge and discuss your experiences with other users.