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Video Pro X

Import & formats

Open timeline
Open timeline

The open timeline enables you to import and edit different video formats in SD, HD and UHD resolution without having to convert files into the respective project settings or a proprietary intermediate format.

Compatibility with all standard video formats
Compatibility with all standard video formats

MAGIX Video Pro X is compatible with all standard video formats such as AVCHD (progressive), DV, HDV, NXCAM, ProRes, XAVC S, XDCAM, and optionally with the professional video formats AVC-Intra and DVCPRO.

Expanded UHD support
Expanded UHD support

The most comprehensive 4K experience in its class. Supports new camera models and formats, ranging from UHD consumer cams to professional budget cams and high-end devices.

NEW: Native ProRes support
NEW: Native ProRes support

Video Pro X now fully supports ProRes video codecs for Apple.

Directly integrate ProRes files into your Windows system.

Full XAVC S/XAVC import support
Full XAVC S/XAVC import support

Video Pro X supports the XACV S import format. The professional version, XAVC, can be imported, edited and exported in any other video format.


MAGIX Video Pro X supports native import and editing of Sony XDCAM material (XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD).

Editing is done without transcoding, in real time with flexible output options.

AVC-Intra (optional)
AVC-Intra (optional)

With data rates of 100 Mbit/s, intra-frame compression and 4:2:2 color scanning, AVC-Intra format recording is the successor to the DVCPROHD codec.

Support following fee-based activation, including optimized import dialog for P2 memory cards.

DVCPRO25/50/HD (optional)
DVCPRO25/50/HD (optional)

Thanks to its extremely high data rates and outstanding image quality, the DVCPRO25/50/HD codec has become popular in TV broadcasting stations and professional production companies.

Activation required.

Advanced support for video DSLRs & DSLMs

The software provides support for all current video DSLR/DSLMs, optimized for top models such as Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 5DS, Panasonic DMC-GH-4 and Olympus OM-D.

Comprehensive action cam support

Optimized import, automatic video editing and 30 completely editable templates help you achieve quick, professional results.

Import dialog for memory cards

The import dialog includes filter features, an automatic sorting feature for footage and a preview feature to help you manage your files easily.

Full Stereo3D support

Stereoscopic recordings from your own 3D setups and dedicated Stereo3D camcorders can be imported, mixed and edited as easily as 2D material.

Screen capturing

Easily record screen content, e.g. for high-quality tutorials and screencasts. You can then add captions and audio commentary.


NEW! HEVC/H.265* support
NEW! HEVC/H.265* support

NEW! Video Pro X is the world's first video editing program with Intel HEVC hardware encoding. HEVC/ H.265* is the successor format to H.264 and offers improved image quality at file sizes that are up to 43% smaller.

Thanks to hardware acceleration with Intel Skylake CPU, the HEVC format can now be edited efficiently for the first time.

* HEVC encoding requires initial free online activation.

Amazing 64-bit performance

The latest H.264 and audio codecs as well as an optimized video engine allow for outstanding performance and enable the use of more than 4 GB of RAM for complex and demanding projects.

Hybrid Video Engine with Intel® codec-technology

Real-time playback of complex effects has been adjusted to work perfectly with Intel Core i7. You can now use multiple tracks and effects without slowing down the system.

Proxy editing made easy

Edit HD footage as easily as DV footage. With the proxy editing feature, Video Pro X can automatically create easy-to-edit versions of original video files.

Editing tools

NEW: 360 degree camera editing
NEW: 360 degree camera editing

Virtual Reality is a huge trend in the media industry right now. Video Pro X provides a comprehensive range of options for editing 360 degree videos and photos.

NEW: Beat-based editing
NEW: Beat-based editing

Set snap markers in your audio material by clicking on the mouse to the beat of the music.

You can also synchronize video clips with audio material in seconds.

NEW: Snap markers
NEW: Snap markers

Mark important points in video objects.

Snap markers can be applied to playback and stop positions, and to and between object edges. They'll stay in place even if the object is moved in the timeline.

Movie objects (nested sequences)
Movie objects (nested sequences)

Movies can be used in other movies as individual objects. These objects keep the action close at hand and can be used as many times as needed within the project.

Edit complex movies easily and flexibly, add effects and animations and arrange clips for reuse.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Precision measuring instruments for perfect images
Precision measuring instruments for perfect images

Video Pro X includes four new measuring instruments: vectorscope, waveform monitor, histogram and RGB parade.

These standard tools make it possible to limit the dynamic and color saturation of broadcast-quality areas as well as correct exposure problems and color errors. GPU optimization means that all of this can be done in real time in up to 4K resolution.

Multicam editing
Multicam editing

Multicam mode allows image control in real time on up to nine tracks, depending on system performance.

Clicking in the preview videos let you change perspective live and mark all edits precisely and organically.

By analyzing the audio material, multicam recordings can be automatically synchronized and added before editing.

Three and four-point editing

Precisely inserting video clips into the timeline using the three and four-point editing features is easy. You can define start and end positions by placing in and out points in the video monitor and timeline.

Advanced search for gaps

MAGIX Video Pro X features a special tool that searches for any unwanted black areas between clips. Simply start a search and the program will list all gaps in the arrangement. These can then be individually selected and edited if necessary.

Time stretching

In MAGIX Video Pro X, you can change the length of your video and audio objects simply by stretching and contracting the object in the timeline. Audio objects maintain their original pitch.

Look & feel

Customizable shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts for all program and menu features can be individually customized, edited and expanded.

Multifunctional rendering dialog

MAGIX Video Pro X provides centralized optical progress monitoring with important information about disk space, exported data volume and required time estimates.

Output to second monitor

With the help of DirectX you can also easily view, cut and edit material on a second monitor, even if you don't have a dedicated graphics card.

Effect design

NEW: Shot match

Transfer the visual characteristics of one video to another. The program matches the colors and tonal values of two separate videos fully automatically. These can be refined manually too, by using the pipette tool to pick out reference points.

4K/Section animation
NEW: 4K/Section animation

Use 4K material to create sections and image details in lower-resolution footage.

For instance, you can switch between different zoom levels in a 4K recording to make the final result even more dynamic.

NEW: Modern title templates

The over 250 new title templates have been completely redesigned and feature a modern look and structure.

All templates are sorted according to use cases and can be found in different folders. Make use of opening and closing credits, subtitles and captions or use matching sets for a consistent design.

Advanced exposure features
NEW: Advanced exposure features

Detailed color and tonal value correction enables you to edit luminance and individual RGB channels precisely with Bézier curves. Contrasts can be modified with non-linear editing and flat or log profiles can be used manually to achieve the final look for your video.

Also, you can correct depth, mids and highs simultaneously.

Professional object tracking

Video Pro X includes object tracking in the form of in-video motion tracking. This lets you pin titles to a moving person.

You can also pixelate faces or license plates so that they are unrecognizable.

Primary color correction
Primary color correction

The primary 3-way color correction features separate color wheels for shadows, mids and lights as well as professional exposure control. Smooth out color errors and highlight naturally present colors.

Secondary color correction

The secondary color correction feature allows you to edit shadows, mids, and brights separately for the foreground, background, and on an extra master layer.

Dynamic slow motion effects with frame interpolation

The slow motion functionality allows you to create slow motion with smooth transitions and control speed precisely using keyframes. And frame interpolation provides the best image quality.

Effect masks

Simply select parts of the image using alpha masks, then apply the desired effect to these areas. This tool makes it possible to use more detailed effect editing and selective blurring.

Stylish effect transitions

20 individually customizable effect transitions. Use the blur feature to create your own transitions with radial or linear blur.

Watch video

Precise keyframe features

The keyframe editor lets you make object-based effects settings in the Media Pool and edit with precise Bézier curve control directly in the timeline.

Comparison mode in the source monitor

Keep track of effects editing by checking your video material before and after editing with the comparison mode.

HDR video effects

The HDR effect lets you make real-time and full motion dynamic adjustments to achieve an HDR photo look thanks to hardware acceleration.

Title Editor

Format and design title elements by using image positioning, shadow gradients and 3D effects, as well as templates for inserts, scrolling titles and captions. All templates can be manually adjusted.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro content

Compatible content such as transitions, intros/outros and decorative elements can now be loaded from Movie Edit Pro to use in your projects for completely free.

Audio editing

Broadcast-quality audio editing

Audio files can be directly transferred to DAWs such as MAGIX Samplitude using EDL transfer, and you can individually bounce all audio tracks to hard disk.

5.1 Surround Sound

The 5.1 Surround Sound Creator allows you to produce real Surround Sound that can then be mixed in real time using the audio mixer, complete with full channel control.

Loudness normalization according to EBU R128

Complete broadcast capability: Video Pro X offers loudness normalization for professional audio products in accordance with the new international EBU R128 guidelines.

Keyframe control

Choose between the basic tool for making simple edits or the Bézier curves if you need to be more precise, then simply activate keyframes and customize the audio effect where desired.

Sample-precise editing

MAGIX Video Pro X features sample-precise audio object editing for precise cuts, transitions, and video image synchronization.

Real-time audio mixer

In addition to effect editing for individual audio objects in real time, every channel strip can be equipped with separate track effects such as equalizer, compressor, and delay.

Export & authoring

Disc authoring for DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray discs

All animated templates for creating discs can be manually adjusted. Even menus created with Xara Designer Pro or Adobe Photoshop can be saved as custom templates.

Up to eight audio tracks

Up to eight audio tracks are supported for creating DVDs – ideal for multilingual DVDs and a combination of stereo sound and Surround sound.

Advanced control of encoder settings gives you full control over image quality.

MPEG-2 I-frame only

MAGIX Video Pro X supports I-frame only encoding for MPEG-2. This format is known for being easy to edit and guarantees the highest image quality during output thanks to 4:2:2 color scanning.

Direct online upload

Video content can be quickly and directly uploaded to YouTube and vimeo in H.264 format with the best possible HD quality.

Batch conversion

Batch conversion makes it possible to convert multiple video files, movies, objects or whole projects into other formats in just one step.

Render time codes into videos

Time code rendering can be optionally activated for video export. The finished movie includes the time code signal, which displays the current position of the playback marker.


NEW: OpenFX support

Transformation plug-ins according to OpenFX standard can be used for video effects directly from the media pool.

Plug-in support

The comprehensive effects section can be expanded by adding numerous video effects from third party developers. 64-bit plug-ins from big names such as Red Giant, proDAD and NewBlueFx are supported.

Direct support for VST 2 audio plug-ins

MAGIX Video Pro X features direct support for VST 2 audio plug-ins. Existing VSTs can be integrated directly into the audio workflow during video editing.

Hardware support for Blackmagic Intensity/DeckLink

MAGIX Video Pro X supports all current Breakout Boxes from Blackmagic Design and makes it possible to display preview images on flatscreens and control monitors.

Exchange with other post-production programs

The integrated alpha channel support of AVI files enables you to import sequences from compositing and 3D programs such as Adobe After Effects™ and Blender.

Neat Video plug-in support (64-bit version)

Neat Video is an external plug-in that lets you make use of the most efficient filter available for removing video noise.

Additional programs

Additional highlight! NewBlue Looks

The plug-in package NewBlue Looks from NewBlueFX offers 5 professional filter effects to give your recordings a true cinematic look.

  • Film Color: Modify color and light to give your film a classic look.
  • Color Fixer Pro: Adjust color balance, saturation and brightness of the image.
  • Gradient Tint: Intensify image colors using a wide range of filters.
  • Spotlight: Set an area of an image under a spotlight.
  • Glow Pro: Create a warm light by adding highlights to the original image.
proDAD Mercalli V2
Sensational: proDAD Mercalli V2

Stabilize shaky footage and smooth out quick camera movements with the fantastic Mercalli V2 image stabilization plug-in from proDAD.