All features in
Video Pro X

Video editing

Toolbar and editing shortcuts

The clear toolbar in Video Pro X will intuitively offer you the tools you're searching for. The Video Pro X keyboard shortcuts for all program and menu features can be individually customized. The shortcuts can easily be edited and expanded.

Multi-track & multiformat timeline

The Multi-track & multiformat timeline enables you to import and edit different video formats in SD, HD and UHD resolution without having to convert files into the respective project settings or a proprietary intermediate format.

Position/size adjustment and rotation/reflection

Using animation effects for adjusting position and size as well as rotations and reflections, you can influence the material's scaling or level horizons.

Snap markers

Mark important points in video objects. Snap markers can be applied to playback and stop positions, and to and between object edges. They'll stay in place even if the object is moved in the timeline.

Three and four-point editing

Precisely inserting video clips into the timeline using the three and four-point editing features is easy. You can define start and end positions by placing in and out points in the video monitor and timeline.

Movie templates & editing templates

Discover a large selection of movie and editing templates in Video Pro X. Templates are an efficient way to create great movies in just a short space of time and without too much effort.

Preview rendering

For large projects, and especially when using text, titles, dissolves and effects, the preview rendering function in Video Pro X will be of great help. The function reduces possible preview delays that can happen with complex projects and high resolutions.

Advanced search for gaps

MAGIX Video Pro X features a special tool that searches for any unwanted black areas between clips. Simply start a search and the program will list all gaps in the arrangement. These can then be individually selected and edited if necessary.

AVCHD smart rendering

When Smart Rendering AVCHD formats in Video Pro X, only the areas changed by dissolves and filters are recalculated, not the entire movie. This considerably shortens the rendering time for movie creation.

Multicam editing

Multicam mode allows image control in real time on up to nine tracks, depending on system performance.

Clicking on the preview videos let you change perspective live and mark all edits precisely and organically.

By analyzing the audio material, multicam recordings can be automatically synchronized and added before editing.

360 degree editing

Video Pro X provides a comprehensive range of options for editing 360 degree videos and photos.

The integrated stitching function for popular 360 degree cameras such as Samsung Gear 360 enable direct processing without prior conversion. Use titles and effects in space and present your finished video, for example, online.

Nested Sequences (movie objects)

Movies can be used in other movies as individual objects. These objects keep the action close at hand and can be used as many times as needed within the project.

Edit complex movies easily and flexibly, add effects and animations and arrange clips for reuse. The possibilities are almost endless.

Time stretching

In MAGIX Video Pro X, you can change the length of your video and audio objects simply by stretching and contracting the object in the timeline. Audio objects maintain their original pitch.

Image stabilization with proDAD Mercalli V2 technology

Stabilize shaky footage and smooth out quick camera movements with the fantastic Mercalli V2 image stabilization plug- in from proDAD.

Musical editing adjustment

Perfectly match image and sound using beat-based editing. Decide for yourself whether you let the program automatically edit your footage or if you want to put everything together yourself.

Beat-based editing

Set snap markers in your audio material by clicking on the mouse to the beat of the music. You can also synchronize video clips effortlessly with audio material.

Proxy editing

Edit 4K footage as easily as DV footage. With the proxy editing feature, Video Pro X can automatically create easy-to-edit versions of original video files.

Stereo3D editing

You can edit stereoscopic 3D material using Video Pro X, as well as correct camera direction errors and create impressive 3D recordings.

Camera/zoom shot and section

Tracking shots and zooms to individual areas of recording are made easy with the right effect. In addition, you can determine which area is visible using the section function.

Advanced keyframe editing

The keyframe editor lets you make object-based effects settings directly in the Media Pool and edit with precise Bézier curve control directly in the timeline.

Color grading

Advanced exposure features

Detailed color and tonal value correction enables you to edit luminance and individual RGB channels precisely with Bézier curves. Contrasts can be adjusted with non-linear editing and flat or log profiles can be used manually to achieve the final look for your video.

Also, you can correct depth, mids and highs simultaneously.

Precision measuring instruments for perfect images

Now including four new measuring instruments: vectorscope, waveform monitor, histogram and RGB parade.

These standard tools make it possible to limit the dynamic and color saturation of broadcast-quality areas as well as correct exposure problems and color errors. GPU optimization means that all of this can be done in real time in up to 4K resolution.

Chroma subsampling

Thanks to color subsampling, you can determine the ideal balance between file size and production quality. Color models such as YCbCr save brightness and color information separately and ensure high-quality digital image processing. Supported 4:4:4 color subsampling guarantees professional results for each output.

One-way color correction

The primary 3-way color correction features separate color wheels for shadows, mids and lights as well as professional exposure control. Smooth out color errors and highlight naturally present colors.

Color depth/dynamics

Internal 16-bit Deep Color processing in Video Pro X increases the color depth and dynamic throughout the entire workflow. This enables lossless processing even for 12-bit 4:4:4 ProRes.

Secondary color correction

The secondary color correction feature allows you to edit shadows, mids, and brights separately for the foreground, background, and on an extra master layer.

True color space handling

Required color space adjustment ensures perfect color output in your material. Make desired settings in Export, Video Pro X supports all standard matrices such as Rec. 601, Rec. 709, etc.

Professional lookup table handling

Using LUTs, video material can be cinematically adjusted. Lookup tables are loaded from cameras or templates and can also be created from scratch and saved.

Media & authoring

Wireless media transfer

The integrated Send Anywhere Service enables wireless media exchange between MAGIX Video Pro X, smart phones, tablets and other PCs via a browser. Send and receive media and even whole projects no matter where you are.

Pro format support

MAGIX Video Pro X supports all conventional video formats for broadcast-quality results. This includes 10-Bit HEVC/H.265, AVCHD (Progressive), NXCAM, ProRes, XAVC S, XDCAM or HEVC/H.265 and also professional formats such as AVC-Intra and DVCPRO.

Pro- & consumer cameras

Video Pro X offers extensive support for video DSLRs & DSLMs, MiniDV/HDV camcorders and comprehensive action cam support, including import dialog for storage cards.

Full 360° support

Video Pro X supports popular 360 degree cameras and formats. Export your finished 360 degree video to your hard drive or upload it to Vimeo or YouTube.

Tagging and logging of metadata

Keep your file structure in check using object properties. Add comments or use color coding to organize files.

Alpha channel support

Built-in alpha channel support for AVI supports import, data exchange and editing with 3D and compositing programs.

Full Stereo3D support

Stereoscopic recordings from your own 3D setups and dedicated Stereo3D camcorders can be imported, mixed and edited as easily as 2D material. Includes Stereo3D export to disc, as file or to YouTube.

Screen capturing

Easily record screen content, e.g. for high-quality tutorials and screencasts. You can then add captions and audio commentary.

Batch conversion

Batch conversion makes it possible to convert multiple video files, movies, objects or whole projects into other formats in just one step.

Disc authoring for DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray discs

All animated templates for creating discs can be manually adjusted and up to eight audio tracks can be added. Even menus created with Xara Designer Pro X can be saved as custom templates.

Restore tool

Easy tools for batch conversion and archiving or restoration of media make working on large projects easy.

Audio Processing

Automatic volume reduction

For example, you can lower the ambient sound from the original track while working with off-screen speakers. If desired, Auto Ducking sets automatic volume curves for audio recordings from various sources.

Loudness normalization according to EBU R128

Complete broadcast capability: Video Pro X offers loudness normalization for professional audio products in accordance with the new international EBU R128 guidelines.

Broadcast-quality audio editing

Audio files can be directly transferred to DAWs such as Samplitude using EDL transfer, and you can individually bounce all audio tracks to hard disk.

Integrated Audio Cleaning

With only a few clicks you can precisely remove hissing, crackling and wind.

  1. Noise Reduction
  2. Compressor
  3. Equalizer
  4. StereoFX
Audio video offset

Perfection in synchronization: In case of extreme shifts between audio and video recordings, Video Pro X offers the option of conducting a quick synchronization correction manually.

Improved audio monitoring option (scrubbing) in the timeline

Precise control options: With a click, the preview function for audio objects starts a short solo preview of the selected material.

Audio keyframe control

The automation curves in Video Pro X can be used on the track and well as object level. Automations for volume and panning can be controlled on the track level. This enables even the most complex mixes for multitrack arrangements. On the object level, you can control various filters and distortions above the curves.

Audio waveform display

More details for audio files: The waveform display in Video Pro X ensures quick,  but precise overview of the audio material. You can easily work with volume and audio effect curves in the waveform.

BPM Wizard

Prepared for anything to come: Automatic beat recognition places grid markers on the audio track. This makes it easy for the cutter to recognize where to place cuts or to simply "snap" the video track.

5.1 Surround Sound

The 5.1 Surround Sound Creator allows you to produce real Surround Sound that can then be mixed in real time using the audio mixer, complete with full channel control.

Sample-precise editing

MAGIX Video Pro X features sample-precise audio object editing for precise cuts, transitions, and video image synchronization.

Real-time audio mixer

In addition to effect editing for individual audio objects in real time, every channel strip can be equipped with separate track effects such as equalizer, compressor, and delay.


With the help of the timestretching function, you can change the playback speed of existing audio material without changing pitch.

VST2 interface

Expandable at any time: Use third-party provider audio plug-ins using the VST standard for mixing, mastering and audio restoration.

Effect design

Creative video effects

Creative video effects in Video Pro X offer countless options for further editing and creation of a cinematic appearance for your recordings.

  1. Artistic filter
  2. Distortion
  3. 3D molds
  4. HDR video effects
  5. Blur effects
  6. Fisheye correction
  7. Chroma key effects
  8. Movie looks
  9. Shot match
  10. Dynamic slow motion effects with frame interpolation
  11. 4K/Section animation
  12. Picture-in-picture
  13. Collages
Tile editor & and title templates

Format and design title elements by using image positioning, shadow gradients and 3D effects, as well as templates for inserts, scrolling titles and captions. All templates can be manually adjusted.

  1. Standard font templates
  2. 3D titles
  3. Time code presets
  4. Start & end credits
  5. Subtitles
  6. Captions

20 individually customizable effect transitions. Use the blur feature to create your own transitions with radial or linear blur.

  1. Spatial fades
  2. Stereo3D transitions
  3. Movement fades
  4. Movie transitions
  5. Effect transitions
  6. Form & object fades
Effect masks

Simply select parts of the image using alpha masks, then apply the desired effect to these areas. This tool makes it possible to use more detailed effect editing and selective blurring.

Travel route animation

Reconstruct every detail of your trip. Select your vacation destinations and present your route in detail and in up to 4K resolution.

Intro/Outro animations

Intro and outro animations offer additional design options for a perfect video, creatively raising the quality of your images.

Professional object tracking

Video Pro X includes object tracking in the form of in-video motion tracking. This lets you pin titles to a moving person.

You can also pixelate faces or license plates so that they are unrecognizable.

Shot match

Transfer the visual characteristics of one video to another. The program matches the colors and tonal values of two separate videos fully automatically.

These can be refined manually too, by using the pipette tool to pick out reference points.