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Supplementary Programs

Here you can find useful programs and plug-ins to optimally expand your MAGIX software: Add powerful, new filters and get your PC back into shape.

Additional program overview:

€ 49,99

The complete solution for PC optimization

PC Check & Tuning 2015 saves you time in optimizing your PC: Vulnerabilities and problems are automatically detected, the causes identified and fixed and optimizations conducted. It's the perfect way to get your old PC back in shape or keep your new PC fast and powerful. No prior skills or technical knowledge required.

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Regularly € 99,99 € 49,99

proDAD Defishr V1

Fully automatic correction of optical distortion and the fish-eye effect in your videos and photos. Perfect for pics and footage from any action cam or digital camera!

Distorted horizons and borders can lead to unnatural looking and potentially useless photos. But thanks to proDAD Defishr V1, this no longer has to be the case.

The program also offers a wide range of additional options for your recordings including zooms, axis rotations, virtual lens rotations and correction of converging lines!

Note: This plug-in is only compatible with MAGIX Video Pro X6.

€ 309,96

Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks

Use Magic Bullet Quick Looks from the renowned post production software manufacturer to create incredible film looks with a click.

Bonus: The three effects packages Vintage Looks, Wedding Looks, and Rebel Epic worth € 209 will transform any photo into a big screen success.

Note: Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks is available in English.

€ 349,99

proDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro

Creative titles and trailers: Create amazing title using proDAD Heroglyph V4 PRO or use the vast selection of themed trailers and captions. Transform your movie into a realistic news report or documentary with just a few clicks.

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