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Edit photos

Lightning-fast and easy image editing: whether optimizing, editing, retouching, or distorting - these tools are perfect for correcting your photos:

  • Quick optimization: exposure, contrast, color, sharpness, horizon levelling
  • Advanced brightness correction: shadows, lights, middle tones, selective brightness (Gamma), white balance
  • Crop, scale, rotate and mirror image formats
  • Swap colors: replace selected colors with a color of your choice
  • Create collages using object masks, cropping help (magic wand, lasso, etc.) and the distortion tool
  • Get rid of scratches, rips and stains (clone tool)
  • Fill tool, color blend tool, effects brush
  • Enter and edit text directly in the image
  • and much more

Red-eye correction

You've finally managed to get all family members to look at the camera and say "cheese", but the photo is ruined because everyone has red eyes on the photo. What to do? Don't worry: a simple click is all it takes to remove the so-called red-eye effect.

Restore photos

Don't let keepsakes and valuable photo memories gather dust in boxes - get old pictures into shape and let them shine with a new light.

Small tears, wrinkles or faded colors are fixed in no time. Perfect, for example, for surprising your grandparents!

NEW! Selective lightening

Are some of the details of the photo too dark or is a hard shadow spoiling the picture?

Similar to classic dodging, you can use the "lightening" function to expose selected areas of your photo and to enhance them in different ways. You can customize the tool to your needs: from large with a soft structure to pixel precision. This enables you to make even detailed corrections.

NEW! Remove objects

Now nothing can ruin your photos! It's a cinch to remove bothersome objects from photos by replacing them with a similar background from the same image. Whether poles, power lines or signs, with just a few clicks you can edit your image and remove any flaws.

NEW! Panorama montages

Combine individual images seamlessly and in just a few steps to create fantastic panorama pictures. The photos are automatically combined into one picture. You can also correct details manually. The result: absolutely realistic panoramas!

Creative effects

Funny photo caricatures

Whether caricatures, "body styling", or artistic distortions: use the "liquid paint" function to magically create funny caricatures with a few clicks. Give cranky colleagues big ears, have a friend sport a beer belly, or your boss look out from a frame with droopy eyes. Pictures can be easily distorted using the mouse.

Artistic filters

With over 60 creative effect filters, you can turn your everyday photos into impressive works of art (e.g. pastel shades, newspaper print, relief design, chalk, soft focus lens, distortion, shadow, histogram and much more).

With just a few clicks, you can turn a picture of your dog into a pencil drawing, the flower meadow behind your house into an oil painting, or you can make a mosaic out of the parrot that you photographed.

MAGIX Photo Designer 7 also supports Adobe Photoshop®-compatible plug-in effects

NEW! Even easier to use

Thanks to clever tools and an optimized display, the program is now even easier to use.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to access frequently used functions in just a few seconds, so you can edit and optimize your photos in even less time.

The new display mode enables you to conveniently switch between filmstrip view and the new effects preview.

More options

Are you looking for even more options for competent image editing and high-quality graphic design?

Then, check out Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7, the most flexible software for image editing, creative effects, graphic design, text & layout, desktop publishing, and much more.

Get the most out of your photos and experience creative design for the next generation:

  • Universal image editing
  • Powerful graphic design
  • Professional design templates
  • Convenient layout functions

* From the leading multimedia company: MAGIX sold the most products in the photo, video, and music software segment in European retail of all publishers. Basis: GfK Weekly TrendSetter Software/Germany; GfK Panelmarket Software Benelux, Italy, Spain, France; Chart Track UK; period February 2010 to February 2011 [as of February 2011].

MAGIX Photo Designer 7

MAGIX Photo Designer 7

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