MAGIX Introduces Samplitude Pro X5 - The Allround Master of Audio

MAGIX has released the latest version of its renowned digital audio workstation, Samplitude Pro X5, celebrating 30 years of success in professional audio and music production. With new features as a natively integrated ARA2 interface, Advanced Monitoring Section, WaveColor or MPE support, Samplitude’s expertise in this area has been developed even further.


MAGIX Software ( announced new enhancements to its multifunctional DAW for musicians with the launch of Samplitude Pro X5. Since three decades, Samplitude provides the highest level of quality for recording, restoration, mixing and mastering capabilities for musicians and professional audio engineers with sophisticated workflows, precise editing functions and an industry-unique object oriented workflow.


  • New Monitoring Section offers unprecedented flexibility. Users can now access multiple monitoring paths, with or without additional effects.

  • Frequency Analyzers provide a new view, linear frequency analysis on sequences and clips.

  • New Wave Form Color Displays: This unique feature provides a new way to representate the sound characteristics in a waveform through individual colorization. Users can litterally see the sound character of their recordings. They can discern low frequencies from high frequencies and easily and quickly identify any issues. The work process will be even more smooth and pleasant.

  • Additionally, Samplitude Pro X5 uses color to discern harmonic and inharmonic tones, demonstrating for engineers the difference between noise and tones.

  • Automation Shapes provides predefined curve types to simplify the automation workflow. Apply gradual transitions between two points in an automation in tracks or objects.

  • Object-Oriented Non-Destructive Workflow enables users to easily apply virtual effects, automation, AUX-Sends-Feed or any other manipulation on each object within a single track. This industry-unique feature is a massive time saver that helps you organize your project, so users can focus on what is important - their project.
  • Visualization: This powerful feature displays both loudness and volume, helping users discern human perception of how loud a sound or tone as it is perceived by the human ear. Samplitude Pro X5 provides several presets to choose, including those required for broadcasting which is ideal for radio stations. All level settings are under full control.

Pricing and Availability

Samplitude Pro X5 is available immediately and is priced at:

Samplitude Pro X5: $399,00 USD

Samplitude Pro X5 Suite: $599,00 USD

Samplitude Pro Upgrade Pricing: $199,00 USD

For more information or to purchase Samplitude Pro X5, please visit



  • Complete audio production bundle for professionals
  • New! ARA2 support for better Melodyne integration
  • New! MIDI Polyphonic Expression for additional parameters per note
  • New! Monitoring Section for switching between monitoring paths
  • NEW! coreFX VolumeFormer (full coreFX Suite as trial version)
  • New! Automation Shapes for predefined curves
  • New! WaveColor for spectral waveform display
  • New! Dedicated Tempo Track function for automating tempo changes
  • New! Convology XT Complete with unlimited vintage reverb units (2965 impulse responses) & 4,6 GB of content
  • Celemony Melodyne essential for high-quality pitch editing and correction
  • 17 virtual instruments (11 of which new) and Independence Library with 12 GB of samples