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  • Intuitive loop-based composing
  • NEW! Powerful 64-bit architecture
  • NEW! Over $1000 of new plug-ins & loops
  • NEW! Sleek and modern GUI
  • NEW! Instruments including synths, sampler and drums
  • NEW! Guitar, analogue and vintage effects
  • NEW! 9 GB of ACID loops and samples

Get inspired with the creative DAW.
ACID Pro 365 for just £0.34 per month

The legend is back. ACID kickstarted the very beginning of loop-based music composition 20 years ago. Now it returns as a fully-featured professional DAW, but still retains that intuitive and slick compositional environment you know and love. It now features dozens of plug-in instruments and effects, a powerful 64-bit architecture and a slick, new interface. You can enjoy all of ACID Pro's new features for just £0.34 a month and always be up to date with the software with future updates, additions, patches and new plug-ins. Your production future is assured with ACID Pro 365!

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Introducing ACID Pro 365

Never miss an update with ACID Pro 365. Enjoy many exceptional new features including a powerful 64-bit engine, dozens of new instruments and effects and many new professional features that make this the most creative DAW out there.

And with ACID Pro 365, be safe in the knowledge that your future is secure. Get full support and any new instruments, effects, features and patches as they are released and all for a low monthly cost.

Stay one step ahead with ACID Pro 365!

The creative DAW
For forward-thinking producers and remixers

ACID Pro 365 is the ultimate marriage of professional, high-quality features with a slick, loop-based composition environment that allows you to unleash your creativity in an instant. Dozens of instruments and effects – from powerful Vita Solo instruments to the vintage Analogue Modelling Suite – combine with 9 GB of loops and samples to give you all of the sonic armory you need. With a powerful 64-bit architecture, ACID Pro can handle any complex project, and a slick, new interface ensures a productive, intuitive and inspired workflow for composers, producers and remixers.

Creative loop-based music production

20 years ago, ACID started a revolution in loop-based music production with real-time pitch and tempo transposition.

ACID Pro 8 has that innovation at its heart but adds 64-bit power and dozens of creative tools, instruments and effects. It is a professional powerhouse of a DAW for a new generation of creative artists and producers.

Two additional Vita Solo instruments

Vita Pop Brass

With everything from slick funk to tight Latino rhythms, Pop Brass has everything you need. It's perfect for a wide variety of genres, from creating the sound of the roaring '20s right through to modern R&B, and is ideal for both elaborate productions and creative jam sessions.

Orchestral Ensemble

Explore ensembles within a symphonic orchestra with this authentic-sounding but easy to use instrument. Create everything from dramatic brass staccatos through driving orchestral thrills to gentle string legato.

Also exclusive to ACID Pro 365:
Analogue Modelling Suite

Analogue Modelling Suite is another exclusive addition, just for ACID Pro 365 users. This suite of classic-style effects includes the AM|MUNITION compressor/limiter, the AM|PULSE transient modeller, AM|PHIBIA tube amplifier/channel strip and the AM|TRACK compressor/tape simulator.



If you need more punch in your sound or you need to level out a track then AM|MUNITION is the compressor/limiter for you. It is a dynamic mastering tool which can help your mix sound louder and with added definition. The plug-in can also be used as a limiter and with its combination of features, modes and parameters, it offers not only power but great creative flexibility.



The AM|PULSE transient modeller is great for getting creative with envelope characteristics. It is most commonly used on percussive or dynamic sounds although it can also be used simply for reducing background noise. AMIPULSE also includes a saturation control and mix functions within its very flexible harmonic control mode.



AM|TRACK is an analog compressor and a tape simulator combination. You can use it specifically for changing and enhancing your input signals, although the plug-in can be used to add character to any audio. Each of the compression and tape saturation sections has its own independent controls and characteristics making AM|TRACK a very flexible tool.



AM|PHIBIA combines an optical compressor with a pre and post filter unit to result in a very useful tube amplifier/channel strip. The compressor section can be used for a variety of tasks including being used as a vocal pre-amp or tube guitar amp, or for simply use it to add a warm character to any sound. The filter is very flexible too, with a variety of presets to choose from, depending on the input signal.

ACID Pro 365 FAQ:

Can I use the software offline?

Yes, the software can be used offline for the duration of your subscription. An internet connection is only required to check for new software updates as well as to validate the program once a month (required monthly for the duration of your subscription). After your subscription expires, you can renew online in just a few easy steps.

What happens to my projects?

Even if you end or suspend your subscription, your projects are yours to keep forever. That means if you need to work on your project after your subscription has expired, you can renew your subscription and open the project again to continue editing. You will also be able to open the project created in ACID Pro 365 in your perpetual version as long as your perpetual version is equal to or later than the version it was created in (for example, if you created the project in ACID Pro 365 version 8, then you can open it with regular ACID Pro version 8 or later).

Will the plug-ins also stay up to date?

All plug-ins will be available during the duration of the subscription. With every new version of ACID Pro, the latest version of the plug-ins are included.

How do update installs work?

You will be alerted when an update is available. Updates are not automatic so you are free to choose when to install the update.

Will I lose any version of ACID Pro I already have installed?

No. You can use other installed versions in parallel with ACID Pro 365.

What happens when I switch from the subscription to the perpetual version?

If you end or pause your subscription to ACID Pro 365 and switch to a perpetual version, your projects are yours to keep whatever you decide to do next. You will be able to open projects created in ACID Pro 365 in a perpetual version as long as it is equal to or later than the version it was created in (for example, if you created the project in ACID Pro 365 you will be able to open it in a regular ACID Pro version 8 or later).

Highlights of ACID Pro 365

  • Low regular price – starts at just £0.34/month
  • Exclusive! Analogue Modelling Suite with four effects
  • Exclusive! Two bonus Vita Solo instruments
  • 64-bit architecture for the most demanding projects
  • Over $1000 worth of all-new instruments, loops and effects
  • Inspiring and slick new interface
  • 9 GB of all-new ACID loops and samples
  • VST3 support coming in a free update

Don't take our word for it.
Artists on ACID Pro.

Ted Perlman

"Using ACID makes me feel like a master chef setting up all his ingredients for an incredible meal. I assemble any loops, sounds, dialogue or FX in there, make my pitch adjustments, cut up and edit beats, and instantly hear how everything fits together. I am not exaggerating when I say I cannot do what I do nearly as well without ACID. It is literally my ‘musical lifeline'!"

Ted Perlman
Grammy rewarded Producer, Songwriter, Musician and Arranger

Burt Bacharach (At This Time; Grammy Winner), Dr. Dre, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Diana Ross | NBC, CBS, FOX | Jingles for McDonald's, Coca Cola, Burger King

“I've used the ACID program as my main DAW for all of my major records. I'm addicted to the quick workflow, one-key instant pitch shifting and its surgical slicing abilities. Now that ACID 8 is out, I can load up more virtual instruments and plug-ins than ever."

DJ Pain 1
Producer and DJ

50 Cent, Public Enemy, Ludacris, Jeezy, Tech N9ne, 2Chainz

Tony Verderosa

"Producing great tracks quickly and efficiently is key in this business. ACID software helps me achieve my goals without sacrificing creativity."

Tony Verderosa

John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson | Mars (Twix)

"ACID Pro was my creative weapon of choice for Blade Runner 2049, and in 2018 I received an Oscar nomination for my work on the film. It lets me work so fast. Both cutting and layering audio clips and creating MIDI is a faster, more simplified workflow than any other DAW. Yet it has all the features I need, whether composing or sound designing."

Theo Green
Oscar nominated Sound Designer and Film Composer

Blade Runner 2049 (Oscar nominated for Best Sound Editing), The Gambler, House at the End of the Street

"In just the first 3 days of working with the new ACID PRO 8 on the forth-coming Waterboys album, I am crazy thrilled to proclaim the new DAW interface, flexible routing and in-line editing combined with the new Stellar FX and Synth plugins and updated graphics. Overall the 64-Bit sonic quality makes ACID PRO 8 right out of the box a FIVE STAR SMASH HIT!"

Brother Paul Brown
Grammy nominated Producer, Engineer and Keyboardist

The Waterboys, Al Green, Bobby Rush (Down in Louisana; Grammy Nominated), Mike Farris, Ann Peebles, Jimi Jamison (Survivor)

“When I first saw ACID 1.0 my jaw dropped. I've been an ACID Pro user since the beginning as well as a loops for ACID producer. ACID makes chopping up and mixing audio seem like magic. It's fast, intuitive, and inspiring."

Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)
DJ, Producer, Composer, Loop Producer and APM music contributor

ACID Loop Collection, APM music library | Music in: Tom Clancy's The Division (Ubisoft), Master Of None (Netflix), Parts Unknown (CNN), Comedy Bang Bang (IFC), and Catfish (MTV)

“What I loved about ACID Pro was how it's workflow was so quick especially when using stems/samples/loops which allowed me to remix songs quickly for other artists. The new ACID Pro 8 follows suit plus with its new 64-Bit processing everything is much faster and has cut my production time almost in half!"

The Hi-Yahs
Producer, Composer, Audio Engineer and DJ

Waka Flocka, Lil Jon (Remix; Bend Ova feat. Tyga), Gorilla Zoe | Music for: Taco Bell, Lexus and MGM Resorts

“The first time I tried ACID Pro 2, it became the only tool for my production because of its simplicity and easy to use interface.

I truly believe ACID Pro 8 is the most powerful DAW that MAGIX has created. The new look with the 64-Bit interface gives my work more flexibility. Every day I discover something new in this software which helps me concentrate my love for music."

Talal Qureshi
Producer, Singer and Songwriter

Diplo, Bun B, Elliphant

Mac Melto

"It's impressive how a DAW this powerful feels so lightweight. Complex projects open and close nearly instant and the new UI is snappy and responsive. The dark UI is easy on the eyes but keeps the classic ACID look old fans of the software have grown to love. Version 8 has the most comprehensive sound and effects package bundled with ACID Pro to date. Finally being able to use all of my 64 bit plugins in ACID is a dream come true."

Mac Melto
Producer, Composer and Viacom Library Contributor

SONY/ATV, Viacom

Rod Carillo

"The projects that would normally take me two-three hours to create a sound, or a plug-in feature in Pro Tools, would take me 15-20 minutes in ACID."

Rod Carillo
Producer and Remixer

Donna Summer (Remix; I'm A Fire), Paulina Rubio (Remix; Heat Of The Night), Cole Plante (Remix; Teardrops)

Curtis Atchison

"The moment I was introduced to ACID Pro everything changed.  It was the first DAW that made it super easy for sequencing, to create and manipulate loop-based content.  No longer did I have to fight for studio time because now I could work from home and get amazing results fast. (...) More than 20 years later, I’ve yet to find another program that has the same power and versatility as ACID Pro. The latest version of ACID Pro 8 picks up where ACID Pro 7 leaves off, providing more stability, plug-in support and a sleeker look that’s easier on the eyes.”

Curtis Atchison
Producer, DJ and Remixer

Viacom library (Jersey Shore, MTV Show)


“I've been using ACID Pro since forever and the new ACID Pro 8 is a real game changer. I've tried many DAWs, but ACID Pro always works best for me. It's fast, easy to use and have all you want in a DAW. Soon to release my second album made 100% in ACID Pro just as my first album and all my remixes!"

Producer, Remixer & Art Director

Pet Shop Boys (Remix; Vocal), Imogen Heap (Remix; Run-Time), Erasure (Remix; Sacred, I Lose Myself)


“I've tried for years to get my head around the Top DAWs on the market — and despite their innovative concepts, nothing gets close to ACID Pro when it comes to workflow, ease of use and mind-to-music process. You won't open the user manual once because it just makes sense, which is why it truly deserves to be called The Creative DAW."

Producer and Composer

Justin Timberlake (Remix, Filthy), Basement Jaxx (Remix, Scars) | Night At The Museum, Real Like A Dream | Victoria Secret, EA Sports NBA

“ACID was the first DAW I ever touched and I was hooked immediately. It's still today a very useful tool with its quick and smooth loop functionality. ACID Pro is my go-to tool for studio mixes and CD compilations."

Bjorn Akesson
Trance Producer and DJ

Aly & Fila, Sied van Riel, Sean Tyas, Betsie Larkin, Dennis Sheperd


“ACID Pro has an optimized workflow for making dance music, and an excellent editing capability for recording & remixing.
Thanks to the happy update by MAGIX, I'm making my new songs in the 64-Bit environment. It gives me more power, therefore even making the most complex projects possible. And the huge number of new built-in plugins are very useful for me. More people should know about this great DAW! I love it!"

K-Pop and J-Pop Composer, Producer

GOT7, BTOB, UP10TION, Lee Seung Chul

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The product family Sony ACID including the products Sony ACID Pro and Sony ACID Music Studio Studio was taken over by MAGIX in 2016 and since operates under the name of ACID.