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MAGIX: Use Loops to Lay the Foundation of Your Song

Originally, the word "Loops" referred to a piece of tape glued together on the ends for looped playback.

Today, the concept is synonymous for digital pieces of a musical recording. These (mostly shorter) sound units may be composed of vocals or any instrument like bass, guitars, drums, etc. They are cut so that they are able to play in a seamless loop (that's why they are also called "loops"). In a sequencer, loops are placed together and may be completed with other MIDI loops.

Samples - Use Famous Fragments as Loops

Make Your Own Music

Another important part of working in audio software is "timestretching", whereby the playback speed of the existing audio material is changed without altering the pitch. Nearly any kind of music may be produced in this way. To develop more complex musical structures, the musical fragments present on the track may be affected by acoustic effects.This form of making music is becoming more and more popular, since audio programs like MAGIX Music Maker are available to everyone for composing and producing music without prior knowledge. After loops, vocals, MIDI, beats, etc. are utilized, mastering is the final step. Most audio programs like Music Maker include numerous loops. Sampling is also very important, whereby parts of existing songs are added to other songs.

These pieces are often melodies, sounds, or vocals that are integrated into new works. Passages that are sung are now often sampled into the melody of the new track. So instead of the vocals standing in the foreground of the song, they usually support the melody in the form of loops.

MAGIX Music Maker 2014

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